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VCards -- Good or Bad?

By cmptrwhz ·
Good Morning All. I am the email administrator for a law firm, and our marketing department is asking me to implement VCards. I'd like to ask your opinions.
1) Does your firm use V-Cards?
2) Are they always attached to outgoing messages?
3) How many users in your organization use them?
4) What is the size of your organization?
5) What industry? (Law, Real Estate, Accounting, etc)
6) What are your experiences with them?

Thanks for all your help.

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very strange bed partners

by dawgit In reply to VCards -- Good or Bad?

Law Firm, with a Marketing Dept? Very strange combination, and a possible future bad storm comming. I understand a Marketing mentality wanting max exposure, and VCards as a part of that, but just how could one control such a thing in a volital enviroment, such as the internet? I see a lot of troubled waters ahead for your Firm.

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Cold Chrome Logic

by BFilmFan In reply to very strange bed partners

They perhaps grew weary of the taste of bumper on their lips when the ambulances stopped short?

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now that's funny

by dawgit In reply to Cold Chrome Logic

True too. but funny

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I have always ignored them

by gralfus In reply to VCards -- Good or Bad?

No organization I have ever been a part of has used them, and every time I get one, I ignore it. They are more of an annoyance to me.

That said, marketing folks are in a different world where contacts are super important. To them, such information may be very useful.

I've never seen a technical issue with them, certainly nothing dire like the other poster implied. Not sure what he was concerned about. Advertising is critical to law firms, as it is with most businesses.

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I'd love to see...

by dawgit In reply to I have always ignored the ...

Iwoul love to see a 'relaible' & 'independent' study on that. Does 'marketing' & 'advertisement' really increase Law Firms profit? Exposure, ok maybe. But efective profit? That's debatable. Most Large, (really large) or international (or both) Law Firms DO NOT adverise! (nor, do they have marketing!) In fact most people (gen. puplic here) Have never heard of them. (they don't seek clients - clients seek them). I personaly would not hire a Lawer, or Law Firm form any VCard, or marketing group. (& I do use legal services!)

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