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Vcore voltage too high

By tiza ·
on boot, one of our pc's tells me hardware monitor found an error and this is what i find in power setup:
MB temp: 27c/88f
cpu temp: altenate between 41c/...to 52c/127.5f i presume this is way over danger limit.
cpu fan speed: it tells me N/A - whatever this means
power fan speed is around 4440rpm
chassis fan speed: N/A
Vcore Voltage: altenates between 2.05- 2.09
+12V Voltage: 13.54-13.68V
as far as i can tell, i am in serious trouble. i have tried swapping PSU and even CPU, but it does not help which makes me think it may be motherboard problem. what will happen if i use this system a day longer, and what should i do in this case to bring the +12V voltage down- its giving me sleepless nights. should i change the MB as afriend advised? please help.

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to Vcore voltage too high

different mbo's/cpu pairs have different maximum levels on temp, voltage. poor connection on boards, ramslots, and drives can adversely effect these.

1) make sure all cables and boards are making good connections.
2) goto manufacturers website for each of cpu and mbo and check specs for specific temp and voltages
3) Be aware that 12v can be +/- 5% to 10% depending on load, same for cpu core voltage.

You didn't give specs:
a) mbo make/model cpu make/model/speed
b) ram size/type/speed
c) cards in use and description
d) drives #/size/quantity
which makes giving specific help near impossible

regards rick

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by TheChas In reply to Vcore voltage too high

Any PC health / monitor warning is cause for concern.

Your CPU temp is on the high side, but not so high as to be a problem.

The N/A for the CPU fan means that the CPU fan is either not reporting it's speed, or the speed is out of range for the monitor.

If the CPU fan does NOT plug into the motherboard, this is okay.
If the CPU fan plugs into the motherboard, I would replace the fan.

For the CPU core voltage, check the specifications for your exact CPU.
If the voltage is within limits, you should be okay.
If not, you may need to adjust the CPU core voltage.
For most motherboards, the CPU core voltage is in BIOS settings.
For some older motherboards, it is a set of jumpers on the board.

For the 12 volts, I would double check the actual voltage from the power supply with a digital volt-meter.
You can check both the +5 and +12 volt supplies on any drive connector.
If you read good voltages with a voltmeter, the problem is the voltmeter on the motherboard.

If the voltages from the power supply are correct, and the problem appears to be the voltage monitor circuits on the motherboard, I would just watch things closely and wait for another failure on the motherboard before replacing it.


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by TheChas In reply to

The V_Core voltage specification for the PIII 550E is 1.65 Volts DC.

2.1 VDC is the absolute maximum rating for V_Core.

The maximum Die temperature for the CPU is 85 degrees C. At a CPU temp of 51 C, the die itself is very close to the 85 C maximum.

Start with a new CPU fan and heatsink. That may be all you need to fix the problem.

If you can verify the actual 12 volt supply and V_Core voltages on the motherboard with a volt-meter, you may be okay, otherwise, it is time for a new motherboard.

Since you are experiencing problems with applications, I would go beyond just replacing the motherboard, and upgrade the system as soon as practical.

Personally, I would switch to the fastest socket A based motherboard and Athlon CPU that I could afford.

Alternately, if you go with a PIV system, make sure that your motherboard uses DDR RAM, and supports the 800 MHz front side buss CPUs.


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by tiza In reply to Vcore voltage too high

The specs for the problem pc are:
P3~550mhz CPU
two RAM Modules: Alpine pc133 sdram 128mb
Legend pc100 sdram 128mb
realtek RTL8139(A)PCI fast Ethernet NIC
Yamaha XG sound card
One 27.9Gb Quantum Fireball Ict 1530 hard disk
Cd-rw LG : HL DT ST GLE 8520B
One thing i should add is that the pc has been running w9x for over a year and i just upgraded it to w2k three weeks ago and a two weeks later, the problems started. another thing is that if i choose to ignore the warning and press F1, i can work on the machine albeit with constant reboots.

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by tiza In reply to Vcore voltage too high

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