VDI server set up 70 users.

Before I start this please understand that I am an IT Enthusiast not a professional. Please dont hold that aginst me. I am about to build a new office building from the ground up. My dream is to have aprox 70 working stations. Simply monitor attached to the wall with keyboard and mouse all connected to a windows server. Running VDI or something like it. I dont want computers under desks. Please let me know if I am stupid for wanting this, ultra clean setup or not. If so where do I start what terms do I need to know so that when I talk to an IT consultent I can get my point accross. As far as budget that is an issue for latter. Again this is a ground up build. Thanks for the knowlage.

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No you are not stupid but I don't think you'll find you save any money

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to VDI server set up 70 user ...

What you are asking about is a Blade Server running all the workstations virtually.

Of course the more workstations you need the bigger and more expensive the Blade will need to be and then oyu have to take into account what it is exactly you want to do on each workstation. General Office work isn't any issue and is a easy thing but say for instance you are doing Animation then you will need a very powerful Blade.

It's been a few years since I've dealt with Blades but back then the smallest one I had to maintain had 5,000 CPU's and drew a massive amount of power not to mention it produced a lot of heat and had Terrabytes of Memory and masses of storage space.

I know places like HP now make Blades in a smaller scale but I've never dealt with them so have no idea of the costs involved.

What you are basicially wanting here is what used to be a Mainframe in the basement and it doing all the work with only input devices and VDU displays at the desk. Blade technology is just the current way this is achieved.

The wiring required is also more expensive not to mention complicated and with every Blade Installation I have been involved with unless it is a very big installation it is always more expensive than indivual workstations but in the long run may prove less expensive when you take into account Managment and Maintance fees as the cost of doing one unit in a central location has to be cheaper than sending techs running all around the place chasing indivual workstations but you have to take into account the drawbacks and other issues involved.

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