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By A2XGO ·
My girlfriend has just started her own business, and is in the process of having her web site built for her. But we have been asked to supply her logo (which i designed in windows paintshop)in a vectro graphic format. Only being a novice on computers, I dont know where to start. So can anyone help me by telling me what software I might need to do this, how easy it is and any other relevant info about coverting an Image designed on Paint into a vectro graphic format.
Thanks for any help received.

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Vector graphics rundown

by Oz_Media In reply to vectro graphics

Hi, it is probably too late to offer help on your topic but no other answers are there.
Vector graphics consist of Curves and fills instead of pixels.
EG Most web graphics get the jaggies or look blocky when resized. This is because they draw a ipcture based on pixels. When the graphics is resized, the PC doesn't know how to fill in the extra pixels so it just duplicates what is already there. This is why you see big blocks making up your graphic.
A Vector graphic is built from lines and curves. As it is resized, it just redraws the curve or line. It doesn't have to fill in extra space.
Unless you have a vector graphics program such as Photoshop or Macromedia's Fireworks you will have no luck. Windows paint is a VERY basic Bitmapstudio.

If you wish, I will redraw the graphic in Vector for FOR FREE of course.
Let me know and I'll post my email address for you to send it to.
This can't be converted to Vector from BMP but I will redraw with Fireworks and compress for theweb.

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