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Venting Frustrations

By Shellbot ·
Ok, we've all been there haven't we?
You've had to take someone under your wing and show them the ropes. You try your best to teach them well and to be patient.

To make a long story short..6 months ago got asked to mentor a girl who had no experience in databases or development. She was given the task to make a few changes to an Access DB. Simple enoguh, sure...

Well, due to both her and I having multiple projects on, its been slow going. At first I spent weeks analysing the fully undocumented monstrosity..and I pretty much told her what she needed to do. Once she learned a bit, I let her try things out on her own..always under my watch. She did well.

Well, 2 months ago, she was ready to go live but we found a problem with the underlying data, so had to wait for someone to rectify that. So, 2 weeks ago..the data is fixed and its time to put the changes on the live app. It took her a long time..and then when she was almost ready to go she says "its not working right".
So..I tell her to go over what she did, make sure she didn't forget anything and get back to me..
Skip forward 2 weeks..I have spent 1.5 days looking at it, and its completely banjaxed.
Nothing we changed is working...
I asked her for her old test copies that she was using over the past few months so i could try and trace what change had gone wrong..
she deleted them all because they were taking too much space on her machine.
I asked if she had the very last one, ya know, the one that worked fine after all the changes..nope..gone.. al she has is the original, and the copy of the live that she put the changes on (which doesn't work).
So, I ask for the documentation, which I originally stipulated had to be done as she went along, and each step she took and each change was to be written down for future reference..
She didn't..she's got a 2 page document that she did "from memory".

So, because its been 6 months since I really did any hard work in this app, i'm having to start from scratch and poke around again.

My head is melted and I want to die.

If I had my way, Accces would be unilaterly wiped from each and every machine on the face of the earth.

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Not to sound like a negative nilly...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Venting Frustrations

...but it may be time to go through e-mail archives and what not, and establish a firm CYA file on this.

Those that asked you to mentor may soon ask you WTF happened.

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Its not that bad

by Shellbot In reply to Not to sound like a negat ...

I'm not worried about that bit..they can ask and I'll tell em.
Not the end of the world, I can have it sorted in a couple days..

The project was kinda "we need a couple changes but its not high priority..we getting her to do it, can spec out a project plan and be around for her to ask questions if she's stuck"

Its all good, just frustrating as h*ll

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Well, that's good

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Its not that bad

In that case, I'd say hold onto the angst until you're involved in a physical activity that requires constant motion and stamina, and then let it all loose...great stress relief!!

Martial arts are good that way.

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I've settled

by Shellbot In reply to Well, that's good

down a lot since the orginal post..

Watched the ducks on the river for a few mins on the way home..always calms me down..

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I call it the 'Incredible Hulk Effect'...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to I've settled

...when I'm in a bit of a rage, and then go somewhere relatively scenic to get calmed down. Lou Ferrigno gives way to Bill Bixby.


Have a good evening!

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At least

by Jellimonsta In reply to I've settled

They are just ducks and not geese. ;\

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by Shellbot In reply to At least

d@mn geese!!!!!

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by jdclyde In reply to ROFL

no Shell, the noun not the verb, get back up off the floor..... ;\

Do ducks chase you too?

I had a momma goose chase me two years ago on the golf course. I think it thought my golf ball was an egg and I was stealing it? :0


Thought I was going to have to ruin my 9 iron to defend myself!

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by Shellbot In reply to ROFL

ducks do not chase me!!

just those dang geese..hahaha..funny stuff :)

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Calm down, you can handle this

by DadsPad In reply to Venting Frustrations

The CYA is important, so write down what happened and her progress. You will get through this much better than it looks now.

You know she needs more supervision as she works. Have a calm talk about why documentation is important and make sure you get a copy of every supporting document she does. Show her how to back up all her work without filling up her hard drive. And, also make sure you get a copy.

Now, since you have already done a lot of training, build up her confidence and tell her to learn from her mistakes. It really isn't just starting over as she knows more about what to do. Periodically monitor her work and make comments (just for yourself) on her progress.

It is usually easier to do it yourself, but you can always vent here. :)

Jus don't tell her about TechRepublic at this time.

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