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Verify if MSE is being used for SPAM

By cornejo.alvaro ·

My exchange server couldn't send some e-mails to the internet -usind DNS for resolution- since some remote smtp server respond with error 550 "SPAM detected" or "Relay detected".

The work arround I found is to reconfigure my exchange to useour ISP exchange to relay outgoing messages instead of sending them directly to the recipient SMTP server.

Is there a way to know if my Exchange server is being used for spam relay?

Is there a list of spams / relays servers / If my exchange isin that list, how can i make to take it out of it?



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Verify if MSE is being used for SPAM

by mebudman In reply to Verify if MSE is being us ...

Instead of worrying if it is being used for SPAM, assume that it is and fix it.

Install at least SP3 (there was a bug in SP2 that reenabled SPAM from SP1 protected servers)

Then on the routing tab of the IMC properties, click on the Routing restrictions button.
Click on the first check box (Host and clients that authenticate can relay) the users must have mailboxes and logon to the SMTP port to send email. Outlook clients using Microsoft Exchange Server service already authenticate, but send mail via a different mechanism (exchange actually sends the mail from your outbox).

If you have clients using Outlook Express, to allow them the send email you need to tell them to change one setting on their account properties.

Outlook Express->Tools->Accounts->Properties of the mail account, click on the servers tab, at the bottom Outgoing mail server setting, have them check the box, my server requires authentication. That will get around them receiving 550 errors.

Back on the routing restrictions click the second box and add your internal network IP range/with subnet mask.

This will close down the server for use by SPAMMERS.

Hope this helps.

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Verify if MSE is being used for SPAM

by mebudman In reply to Verify if MSE is being us ...

goto and these two seem to be the major spam notification sites. Put your ip address for your mailserver into each to see if it is in their databases. If it isn't you are safe. If it is and you have done the steps Isuggested, the sites have places to get your server removed from being listed.

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Verify if MSE is being used for SPAM

by cornejo.alvaro In reply to Verify if MSE is being us ...


OK that will prevent my MSE to be used for spamming. But how can I verify if my server is on a spam list and how can I take it out if it is there?

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