Verifying DMI Pool Data...Update Success, when trying to boot Windows

By Alred ·
Hi there,

I have an Alienware Aurora 7500 running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit, with AMD Athon 64x2 Dual core processor 5200+, with Nvidia 8800 GT (768 MB) dual graphics card, with 4 GB of RAM, motherboard is nVIDIA nForce 590 SLI, AMD Hammer.
I had an issue with the original hard drive it had, a 250GB drive, that for some reason it stopped working, at first appeared that hard drive died, but then I put it in an enclosure and it was working, but with limited access to certain files. Anyway, I purchased a new WD 1 TB SATA Caviar Green hard drive and I installed it on this computer.
At this point, you must be wondering why I didn't contact Alienware for support: because I am not the original owner of the computer and Alienware refused to provide any information or any help about this computer.
Then, because I'm not the original owner of this computer, I had no restoration CD's, no OS CD, no CD's at all. I borrowed a Windows Vista Home Premium from a friend and I attempted to install Windows Vista 32 bit. However, the computer was not able to recognize the drive at all, not even in BIOS. I changed BIOS settings many times, but without any success. I searched online for possible problems, but none seemed to help.
A few weeks ago, as I was trying something different to make the computer recognize the new hard drive, I removed 3 GB of ram from computer (it has 4 1GB sticks) and the hard drive was recognized right away. I took this opportunity to install Windows Vista, I was able to boot to OS, I updated everything, using Windows update (about 80 updates), installed Firefox with pluggins, and installed World of Warcraft. After that, I was playing World of Warcraft for over 3 hours, trying my new clean machine, then it froze completely. I was unable to restart it normally, so I did a hard boot (pushed the power button on computer) to restart it. I was able to play again a little longer, then again it froze. After this time, I was unable to access OS again.
I have gone to BIOS to find out if there is something wrong there again and to check if hard drive is detected, but I can see that hard drive is not detected at all. Sometimes it is detected in BIOS, then I save and restart, but then it hangs at loading screen with the following error:

Verifying DMI Pool Data..... Update Success

Then nothing, the computer will not boot as it previously did. I have checked the BIOS settings for boot options and it is set up to boot from Hard drive, but there is something preventing it from doing it, which I cannot figure it out. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I have tried using the Windows Vista to "repair" but then it does not detect the hard drive. I don't know what it could be causing this error.
Also, I have reset the BIOS multiple times, removed the battery/jumper, but nothing helps. I even purchased new RAM:, but it didn't help, thinking that the RAM was defective, but something else appears to be the problem.

On another note, the computer sometimes detects the hard drive (which is brand new) and sometimes it does not. Of one of those times that it detected the hard drive, I installed Ubuntu OS, was working fine for a few hours, I updated the system, then it froze completely, I powered down the computer manually, then the hard drive was not recognized at all anymore. At this point I don't know what it might be causing the problem, as sometimes the hard drive is detected, but most of the time is not. If I get lucky, I will be able to select either Ubuntu or Windows Vista (both OS are installed on new hard drive), but in the past few weeks, I haven't been able to make the computer detect the HD. Yes, I have tried several SATA cables and the different 6 SATA connections on motherboard, but still the same problem.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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OK for starters here you need to test the HDD with

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Verifying DMI Pool Data.. ...

WD's Testing Utility Data Life Guard of DOS it's available here for free download

After you have made the Boot Disc with this Application you need to test the HDD. If it fails the first test remove it from this system and test again in another computer.

If ti still fails the test the drive is Dead and needs replacing.

But if it passes the second Test the Data Cable, Power Supply or M'Board is faulty so you'll need to repair as required to get this system working again if that is the case. But to be perfectly honest it doesn't sound all that good but it may just be a shot Data Lead that is working it's way out of either the HDD or M'Board. Though I would suggest checking to see if there is a BIOS update.


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Reply to OH Smeg

by Alred In reply to OK for starters here you ...

Thank you for your suggestions. I will try it later on today and post back with results.

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Update on HDD test

by Alred In reply to OK for starters here you ...

I downloaded the Data Life Guard of DOS for the hard drive I have, put it on a CD, and tried to test the HDD, however, I was unable to test it because "No hard drive found".
I will try to test it on another computer, though that might take a few weeks, as I do not know anybody who has a SATA compatible computer at this time. Once I am able to test the hard drive, I will post with new update.

Thank you for your suggestions.

On another note, how do I find a BIOS update? I checked online for BIOS update and it appears that the manufacturer does not offer an update directly, but offers a third party: esupport, for bios updates. Has anybody tried this, is it worth it, and does it work?

Thank you.

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Avoid these Updates like the Plague

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Update on HDD test

If the maker or in this case the reseller doesn't offer a BIOS Update it's because there are quite a few issues with the BIOS getting damaged and resulting in a non working system.

You don't want to know about 3rd Party BIOS Updates.


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Sounds like bad RAM

by Slayer_ In reply to Verifying DMI Pool Data.. ...

Sounds like someone overclocked the RAM, overheated it, and then sold it to you.

Try a different batch of RAM.

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RE: Bad Ram

by Alred In reply to Sounds like bad RAM

The original RAM the computer had is still good, I think, I have tested it with Memtes86 and no errors came up. In regards to the new memory from Newegg, I have tried it too, no errors with Memtest86 either.
The thing about this computer/problem is that it sometimes recognizes the hard drive, but most of the time it does not.
Now I have 4 old sticks of RAM, and 2 new ones, which I have tried different combinations, and by themselves too, they all seem to be fine. I also checked the settings on BIOS, it is set for automatic detection and automatic voltage settings.

There was this time, where I overclocked one of the original RAM sticks, just a little higher than the auto settings, and the hard drive was recognized right away, but then it only worked for a couple hours, then computer froze again, and was unable to boot into the OS.

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First Things First

by willcomp In reply to Verifying DMI Pool Data.. ...

First try the simple and quick --
Change CMOS battery
Swap power supplies if you have an extra one.

Also try flashing BIOS.

Inspect capacitors on motherboard for any signs of swelling or leakage. This doesn't seem to be a bad cap but it won't hurt to check.

Have you tried another hard disk? Was the old hard disk acting similarly?

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Computer problem solved

by Alred In reply to First Things First

Thank you to all of you who responded to my computer problem.

I have finally identified the problem and have fixed it, here it is what I did.

After weeks of testing the memory, running Memtest86 and others, switching the RAM memory sticks around with different combination, hitting the computer here and there (hey, sometimes you get desperate!!), the computer works again, and runs better and ever.

I did not have another computer with SATA hard drive to be able to test the 2 hardrives (new) that I tried to make work. It turns out that the motherboard was faulty (actually, it is still faulty), to be more specific, the SATA ports, all 6 of them on the motherboard do not work properly. How I know this? Well, I got tired of having a computer and not being able to use it, so one day on my way to work, I took it to a computer shop, so I could test and determine exactly what was wrong. It turns out the motherboard SATA connections, somehow are faulty and do not recognize SATA hard drives. The hard drive on computer was tested on another computer, recognized right away.
How is the computer fixed if SATA connections do not work? Well, they still don't work, I am using an IDE hard drive, yes, IDE hard drive from my old computer. This computer has an IDE connection to the DVD burner, and on the same cable, one connection available. So what I did is use that same ribbon cable and connect it to the old hard drive, reformat it, and install Windows Vista. Of course, I set the hard drive as master and the DVD burner as slave. Now the computer works just perfect. For the RAM that the computer had, I'm still using it, running it without any problems at all.

Sad thing is that I'm stuck, for now, with a 1 TB SATA hard drive that I cannot use on this computer, at least for now. I'm planning on buying an adapter from SATA-to-IDE, so that the hard drive doesn't go to waste.

Thanks to all of you that made recommendation and suggestions on what to do. I have learned much more about hardware components on my computer.

Thank you so much

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RE: I'm planning on buying an adapter from SATA-to-IDE

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer problem solved

Don't do this if you want to use this drive buy a PCI SATA Controller Card and plug it into a spare unused PCI Slot and connect the SATA Drives that way.

It will at least work with one of these where as the IDE to SATA Adapters are very marginal at best.


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Good Advice

by willcomp In reply to RE: [i] I'm planning on b ...

Take OH Smeg's advice.

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