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Verifying the Integrity of Backup Tapes

By daryl_s ·
Hi everyone
Does anyone have any suggestions or techniques that they use to verify the integrity of backup tapes? The current way of thinking that my workplace is currently undertaking is to restore different backups from two different full weekly backups to a non-production server and test that a random selection of files can be changed and saved. This seems to be a little ineffecient to me and there is currently some discussion taking place as to alternatives. Does anyone have any suggestions that work well for them?


Daryl Sheppard

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Verifying the Integrity of Backup Tapes

by smithjj In reply to Verifying the Integrity o ...

Your method seems good to me. You'll have a statistical picture of the backup and recovery accuracy of your backup tapes. It should be near 100%.

As the age of the tape increases, reliability should decrease. Decomposition of the tape materialand cosmic rays degrade data reliability.

Few people test their backup reliability. Most people assume it will always work and then are surprised when it doesn't. Even without testing, we have over 99% recovery reliability. How good do you want to be?

Using statistical analysis, you can compute how many tests you need to perform to ensure a certain level of reliability. The statistical testing criteria is covered in any statistics book, 6 sigma book, or Demming, or Shrewhart books.

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