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Verifying virus protection in VPN

By wtdrisco ·
Does anyone know of any application or script available to verify a computer connecting to a VPN has a virus program running? and/or can scan any potential issues before connecting to the VPN?I am running ISA2000.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Verifying virus protectio ...

It's one of the major Security Issues that I face with any network. We only allow our work machines access to the internal network via the net in any form as there is no way known to prevent an infected machine from logging on and infecting the entire system.

But even then with the companies NB's it's not always possible to be sure that they are uninfected as some of the sales team spend weeks at a time out of the office and I can guarantee that their AV products are not up to date and that any scheduled scans have not been run. Even with a running AV product there is no guarantee that the unit isn't infected as one of the first things that these nasties do is override the AV programs and make them appear to be working when they are actually not.

Of course if you have an all Nix Environment it would be fairly safe to allow any outside Windows computer access as the risk of infection from them is minimal.


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