Veritas Backup Exec Error while backing up Excahnge 2000 Server

By C0dRM0nk33 ·
This is a recurring error i've been trying to remove from my Exchange 2000 backups using Veritas Backup Exec.
It appears that the email causing it is spam and i've been unsuccessful in locating and removing it.

Any help and advice would be most welcome.
Below is the exact error from the log.

Backup - \\SERVER\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes WARNING: "\\SERVER\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\partner [partner]Top of Information StoreInboxŒ〰〰〰〰愱㔸戸㐷㙥㜴捥㤴㝡慥㈰攷昹㠰㌸搸㜰〰㔱㔳㘸㄰搷㘰ㄴ㤴昸戵㈸昷㐷㘲晡捣〰〰〰㌶㑥㘷〰〰㔱㔳㘸㄰搷㘰ㄴ㤴昸戵㈸昷㐷㘲晡捣〰〰〰攸晦㝥〰〰Re:" is a corrupt file.
This file cannot verify.

WARNING: "\\SERVER\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\partner [partner]Top of Information StoreInboxŒ〰〰〰〰愱㔸戸㐷㙥㜴捥㤴㝡慥㈰攷昹㠰㌸搸㜰〰㔱㔳㘸㄰搷㘰ㄴ㤴昸戵㈸昷㐷㘲晡捣〰〰〰㌶㑥㘷〰〰㔱㔳㘸㄰搷㘰ㄴ㤴昸戵㈸昷㐷㘲晡捣〰〰〰昸〰㠷〰〰Re:" is a corrupt file.
This file cannot verify.

Verify - \\SERVER\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes
WARNING: "Re:" is a corrupt file.
This file cannot verify.
WARNING: "Re:" is a corrupt file.
This file cannot verify.

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What are you attempting to Backup to?

by OH Smeg In reply to Veritas Backup Exec Error ...

Sometimes the blank Media has an effect on what happens with Backup's.

If you are attempting to backup to Tape have you recently replaced any Tapes?

If you are attempting to Backup to Optical Media are the Blanks a new purchase or different brand to what was used previously?

When a Verify Fails this means that the Target Media is different to the Source so start by looking at Recording Errors to the Backup.


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by C0dRM0nk33 In reply to What are you attempting t ...

The backup media is tape, no tapes haven't been replaced recently.

The backup verify is failing with the same e-mail file every time. It's been doing it for about a week.

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Well it may not be anything important

by OH Smeg In reply to Tape

I'm assuming that there are several different Tapes involved here and the Same File is causing the problem on all the Different Tapes. If not the case it may be a faulty Tape and you're just unlucky as the thing is failing at the same spot all the time and causing the Verification Error.

However if there are several Different Tapes being used here it could be a Compression Error with the file a E-Mail in this case.

To test out this try to recover the Data off the Tape to a backup box or something similar where there is nothing important in use as you don't want to trash a working install but you do need to know what type of problem you have. Maybe if this is a Full System Backup you could fit a External HDD and recover to that on the server. After the recovery you can then look through the Files and see what is actually happening.

Depending on the Tape Type it may also be a Dirty Head, Stretched Tape or some other junk that is interfering with the Tape Transfer. Without knowing all the details involved here it's hard to say and even then it may not be obvious. So start with the BASICs and work up from there.


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