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Veritas Backup Failure

By mtreske ·
I recently renamed the computer name on three of our client computers. Since then I have not been able to get them to backup using Veritas's remote agent. We are using ver. 8.6 in a Windows 2000 environment.

It shows the service running on each machine, but I get the error: "Unable to attach to \\Uusername\C$.
Access is denied." when I attempt to back them up.

I have checked the permissions on the server and they all have what they should, so I've turned to focus on the machine itself. Under Users and Passwords I noticed that at least for one of them, under "Domain" there isn't an entry for our domain. Could that be the problem? It's confusing because when I compared the permissions to a machine that Does backup it is different from the two that don't backup.

Does anyone have a listing of permissions that need to be in place? I've tried Veritias site and since I no longer have a paid support account I can't get any real help without upgrading to the latest version.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Veritas Backup Failure

Ok, this is not that difficult (he said, regretting it!).
Since you changed the machinename of the 3 workstations, then it looks like the machines did not re-attach themselves to the Windows Domain correctly.
Open up My Network Places on the Win2K server, and open your domain. Do you see the 3 computers with their new names in the list of machines? If so, can you double-click these machines to see any shared folders/printers/scheduled jobs on them?
Also, in AD USers & Computers, in the Computers OU, do you see the 3 new computer names? Can you double-click them there to see their info?
I am betting that the domain membership of the 3 workstations is mangled, and this is preventing Veritas from accessing the C$ admin share. Veritas must be using a domain Administrator account to run, and the 3 workstations are having problems talking to the domain. Therefore, the Veritas admin account cannot connect to the admin share on the workstations, and the backups on them fail.
So, check out their machine domain connections. If they don't work, you can remove them from the domain, then add them back in.
If you remove them from the domain (I would do this from the workstations themselves) MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE LOCAL ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD FOR EACH MACHINE! You would log into each of the 3 workstations using the local Administrator account/password (NOT the Domain Administrator account). You would then remove them from the domain; reboot; go into AD Users & Comptuers on your server and remove any machine accounts that pointed to these workstations (either their old name and/or the new name).
Then log into the workstations again with the local Administrator account, and add them back to the Domain.
Then make sure Veritas is looking to go to their new machine names (as in \\NEWNAME1\C$, \\NEWNAME2\C$, etc.), and it should work.

hope this helps and makes some sense!

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by mtreske In reply to

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by mtreske In reply to Veritas Backup Failure

I opened up My Network Places and yes the new names do appear and I can open them and see their shares/printer etc.

In AD Users & computers in computers OU, the machines do show and I can access thier info.

Would you at this point remove them from the domain anyway and rejoin them?

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by mtreske In reply to Veritas Backup Failure

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