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    VeritasBev10 work only in Domain?


    by lcw ·

    I have my Windows 2003 server installed with veritas Bev10 but seems cannot to backup when my server is under workgroup environment”error message saying remote server not installed on target source”.I upgrade it acting as Domain controller and everthing backs to normal.

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      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to VeritasBev10 work only in Domain?

      The reason for this is that 2003 really works better as a Domain Controller and not in a Workgroup as a lot of the network settings get lost in the mix.

      You’ll find that using 2003 as a Domain controller even if it is on another domain controlled by several different servers up line it will work much better and perform properly but if you keep it restricted to a Workgroup you’ll constantly run into problems with things not working properly if at all.


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      Reply To: VeritasBev10 work only in Domain?

      by winterfrost ·

      In reply to VeritasBev10 work only in Domain?

      I hate to completely disagree with HAL, but I haven’t had any problems running Win2k3 in workgroup mode…

      However, I don’t think that has anything to do with the problem. It sounds to me like it’s informing you that the Remote Agent is not installed on the other server you are trying to back up. Do you have a Remote Agent installed there?

      If you do have the remote agent installed, the other possibility is simply an authentication problem. As a member server, your backup server must use a *local* account on the server it is backing up to authenticate (you can configure the authentication options in the backup job). I would guess that the problem is going away when you make the backup server a domain controller because the service account you are using for Backup Exec may be a Domain Admin account, which would have access to the remote server.

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