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Verizon e-mail rejected by clients due to Blacklistings

By rlmink ·
We have 21 e-mail users in a small manufacturing company. We do not have an exchange server, nor do I want to create one. Outsourcing the e-mail is acceptable by the management. I am a support/admin group of one.

E-mail communications with some of our clients is being rejected. The reason for the rejection is the e-mail originates from Verizon e-mail servers which have been identified in some Blacklists as SPAM originators. Verizon will retry the sending of the message for up to five days. This is their policy and can not be changed. It is bad for us, since we do not know for 5 days, that the mail was not received.

I need an e-mail hosting vendor that can send mail successfully and not be blocked. Also, a reduced bounce back time frame is a requirement.

It maybe necessary to include Postini as a SPAM/Virus filter. But if a site can provide Postini with the hosting that would be a plus.

I will continue research on my own besides using the feedback from this post.

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Verizon has done this to themselves with their aggresive advertising

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Verizon e-mail rejected b ...

campaign and endless duplicate emails which seem to originate from their SMTP relays. Of course Verizon will get blacklisted because they have a tendency to blast 10 or more ads within a period of one day, flagging themselves as "spammers" by most email servers, such as Exchange. Verizon is resorting to the electronic equivalence of telemarketing and as such, will be subject to the electronic version of the "Do Not Call" list, AKA...the SPAM filter or Black List.

Don't even get me started on email from AOL, which has been blacklisted on many of the common email and spam filter systems I have worked with, such as Exchange, Postini, and Tumbleweed's MailGate.

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You need a good email provider

by bob_steel In reply to Verizon e-mail rejected b ...

There are many good email providers you can choose from. My company would be able to provide this service easily.

If mail reliability is most important, look for a company you can contact and talk to, to become comfortable that they treat your mail with respect. The right service will not be cheap - if it is cheap or worse still, free, then you'll be getting exactly what you pay for.

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email hosting

by juan In reply to Verizon e-mail rejected b ...

Its time to make a change or upgrade. Some hosting
services take security to the extreme because they run
Exchange. Go to We run Apple servers and
have been running flawless since we moved away from
Microsoft Exchange 4yrs ago. Our customers love all the
Outlook features online and all the free support. Our
customers come from other hosting services having
issues as you are. Now, we don't get any calls from our
current customers, just from new customers being refered
to us and lots of happy IT managers. Check us out, you
will love us too. Our base is 1GB and all the features.
Email delivered anyway you want it. Online package start
at $6.00 per account/month. no long term contracts,
POP3 start at $4.00 with 250MB server storage and online
Good luck....

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