Verizon FIOS and VPN

By mellow52 ·
We had Comcast as a ISP, they gave us a cable modem that connected to our VPN router Linksys RV082 and the VPN worked great. It was connected via CAT5 to the router "Internet Port"

We switched to Fios and they gave us instead of a cable modem a wireless router also connected to the VPN router "Internet Port" and VPN went bust.

I got it to work somewhat but not sure if it is correct speed or security wise.

This is what I have done. With Comcast the VPN router held the WAN IP (public IP) but I noticed now with FIOS that it was now a local IP I think coming from the Fios wireless router and the Fios wireless router now holds the WAN IP.

So I configured the Fios router to port forward the WAN IP to the VPN router behind it.

VPN seems to be up but my internet is slow on any network machine. My MS SBS 2003 was setup to distribute IP's on the network.

Also do I still leave the cat5 in the VPN router "Internet Port" or move it to a open LAN port? The VPN router was my Firewall and I see the Fios router also has a Firewall turned on, what must I do with this?

Again I am looking to regain internet speed and maintain security but as you can see I know just enough to be a menace to myself.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

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PPTP L2TP VPN passthrough and forwarding

by CG IT In reply to Verizon FIOS and VPN

of the necessary ports to your SBS box.

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More detail

by mellow52 In reply to Verizon FIOS and VPN

The Fios Router is the ActionTec MI424-WR

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whatever router you use you have to first passthrough

by CG IT In reply to More detail

the firewall IP protocols and then forward the VPN to the server which will accept them.

example the firewall has to passthrough the GRE 47 protocol and then you have to forward the TCP/IP port 1723 to the server that will accept PPTP VPN connections.

IPSec has their own protocol passthrough and port forwarding requirements.

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Best Solution for FIOS

by mellow52 In reply to Verizon FIOS and VPN

I hope this helps others with FIOS. Have the CAT5 on the FIOS ONT (wall box) turned on at install. Run the Cat5 directly to your own routers WAN port. Turn DHCP and FW off on the FIOS router and place it behind yours. You will only need their router if you have FIOS TV to keep the guide and on demand working. Let me know if anyone needs detail settings for this non standard FIOS setup that works 100% 25mb down and 15 up at least.

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Reponse To Answer

by DrCaudell In reply to Best Solution for FIOS

details would be very helpful here. this is the only info I have found on this that appears to work.

thank you in advance,


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