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    Verizon FiOS setup own Router + AP. Help!

    by justin020 ·


    I am going to replace the FiOS router (I have Verizon FiOS w/ 300Mbps plan)

    My questions are this. Are there any good FiOS compatible routers, something like a Netgear Nighthawk. And again a 2nd compatible router. The biggest reason I want my own router is better bandwidth and more features. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

    Here’s the plan:
    -CAT6 from ONT to Router.
    -MoCA adapter for IPTV & VoIP split from the ONT.
    – hook up 2 store bought routers. 1 for DHCP & another router wired in as an access point.
    -get that all wired up and call fios to switch the router to exchange from COAX to cat6 Ethernet.

    I’m switching away from the FiOS routers because they have no features, the speed is not good compared to cheap routers, and they are overpriced.

    Over the last year, lots has changed and we’re doing so much more from home. An upgrade is desperately needed. We’re losing out on so much with too many issues.

    This would be much easier if we didn’t have FiOS Cable TV (IPTV) & VoIP package. Can’t get enough people to get on board with cutting the cord ?.

    This complicates things. I have some idea what I’ll need to setup this network without a FiOS router but I’m also sure I’ll still need help from someone whose had a similar experience

    I want to be sure to get this right and be able to install in a day.


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      You need to supply one thing.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Verizon FiOS setup own Router + AP. Help!

      The make/model of the FIOS device. Some can be turned into a modem. Others you just run your Ethernet to the WAN port of your router and you are done.

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        by justin020 ·

        In reply to You need to supply one thing.

        Ok, which device? The ONT or the router? And would that work with the Set-top boxes & VoIP?

        I’m trying to avoid buying another FiOS router and use something like a Netgear Nighthawk as the router/modem. FiOS hardware is just not very good.

        I know I’ll need a MoCA Adapter, CAt6e from ONT to Router and another CAT6 wire to the AP + the Router and 2nd Router to use as an AP.

        FiOS doesn’t make it easy to use my own equipment.

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          Since no model numbers are shared.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to ?

          I suggest you look at using what you have, ignore or turn off it’s WiFi and run the Ethernet to your own router.

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