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Very long log on times win2k server

By MLessard ·

I have just installed a new network including a win2k server and 15 win2k work stations.

Question, What is the normal log on time for connection to the server domain?

Back ground: Win2k server clean install SP1, on P3 800 512Mg P133 ram, 1-20 gig ata100 boot drive and a 3 drive raid 5 ata100 software raid. I used all the defaults from the install- including terminal server and active directory. I also set up roaming profiles as well (I have disabled then to no change). All win2k pro installs are also clean w/SP1. Network is a switched 100tx ethernet network. I see very little network activity when the workstations are "loading personal setting" and "applying personal setting" It takes about 5-6 minutes to log on to the demain, way to long compared to NT4.

If the user logs on locally its instantly connected.

Any help would be apreciated,

Mark- newbie

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Very long log on times win2k server

by astrocat123 In reply to Very long log on times wi ...

i to find that windows advanced server is way to slow at doing thimgs talked to microsoft and they said that is has to perform a lot of sysytem checks ,oh well i am running dual 1ghz pentium 3 with 1 gb of memeory, and still to slow for my liking i know this doesnt answer you question but i am in the same boat will be looking at htis posting for a answer.

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Very long log on times win2k server

by MLessard In reply to Very long log on times wi ...

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Very long log on times win2k server

What kind of NICs are you using? After waiting 3 years to log in, what is your network access like? files, proxy, etc.?
are you using DHCP? or static IP's? do you have netbeui installed on all of the workstations? have you went into your switch to check the stats in there? may have a port problem...

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