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very odd HDD problem..

By venomkid25 ·
i am facing the same problem,my systems hard disk detection fails very frequently without any good reaon.then i usually open system unplug the power and data cable and blug them back in strictly.then system runs perfectly..but after that system may run without that problem a month,or not run a single day..even i dont touch may cpu so that cable may not get loose but this problem persists....i am very tired,and dont know the answer please help me in finding the solution of this problem..i will be very thankful to you..please reply soon .thanks

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An intermittent component failure can be hard to detect.

by robo_dev In reply to very odd HDD problem..

The most common thing I've seen is that the HDD power connectors get slightly worn out and/or the female connector pins get slightly bent so their inside diameter is too large, such that they are not making a low resistance connection to the drive itself. ATA HDD power connectors were the worst for this...the newer SATA power connectors are a better design.

Inspect the power connector on the drive very carefully and also inspect the circuit board with magnification where the power connector is soldered on. Solder connections often crack, which causes intermittent faults.

The first thing any repair shop would do would be to swap out the power supply, as this gives you new known-good connectors and eliminates it as a source of the problem.

Remember that the motherboard runs on 5Volts and the hard drives need both +12V and +5V, so a failing power supply can affect the drives and not the MOBO.

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