Very Sick PC.....

By kehill50 ·
Hello All!

I have a HP-PC which I upgraded. I recently installed SpySweeper/AntiVirus by WebRoot with no problems.

My "young-un" was doing his homework and downloading pictures to complete his assignment.

Well, you know the rest of the story........

Anyway, I have tried to run in SAFE MODE with Networking and attempted to download Adaware. I received the message " Must have Administrator Rights..."

Uh, I am the Administrator....

Basically, here are my issues:

1. Can I load "yet another" Antivirus Software
package from SAFE MODE and correct this
issue? If so, which AV should I get at
this point?

2. If this is not the case, do I need to do
the "HiJack This" iteration? I have it
installed, however I am not saavy with
REGISTRY issues.

So, I am in great need of help from our Community! Just got "BioShock" and the box looks great.....too bad I can't play it yet!!!

Thanks for your help in advance!

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"Well, you know the rest of the story........" - Do we ?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Very Sick PC.....

More info required.

What OS are you running with?
What make and type of computer?

What do you mean by 'Very Sick'?

I would advise SCANNING in Safe Mode without networking. You should DOWNLOAD in Normal Mode.

Why can you not play BioShock ?

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Here are the details....

by kehill50 In reply to [i]"Well, you know the re ...

1. I am funning WindowsXP Home Edition(SP2)
2. I have an Hewlett-Packard which I had
modified to 2.4gHz 1.5gig of RAM, Dual
DVDs with lightscribe,etc...etc...etc

3. I cannot download ANY antivirus from the
internet because it says I need to be
ADMINISTRATOR. Well, I AM logged in as

My system WILL NOT come up in NORMAL mode. When I attempt this, I get the "MICROSOFT is LOADING" (Black Screen with the moving status bar) This is as far as the machine goes - and that is where it remains.

I hope this helps!

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How sick?

by dieseldog34 In reply to Very Sick PC.....

2 AV programs on one machine is not a good idea. Why are you in safemode? What errors are you getting in normal mode?

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While in Normal Mode...

by kehill50 In reply to How sick?

It just sits there saying Microsoft is loading...please wait.

This is the Black Screen with the moving task bar. That is as far as it goes.

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boot to safe mode

by Sue T In reply to While in Normal Mode...

and run your anti virus and anti spyware software. If that doesn't fix you up try booting to safe mode and run system restore to before your son was on the computer.

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by kehill50 In reply to boot to safe mode

Thanks for all the input! Unfortunately, I am at the office, so I will not be able to perform these tasks until later.

Heck, looks like I just might be switching OS to MAC sooner than I thought...!!!!

Thanks again!

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Good idea but....

by SynapsE_z In reply to boot to safe mode

If that doesn't work you might also want to run an online virus check from safemode with networking.

is free

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