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Very Slow boot up Windows 2000 machine

By abcs ·
I have a client who has a Windows 2000 machine that started having problems about a month ago. During the boot up process it take the machine about 10/12 minutes to boot up. It does eventually boot up and connect to the network. The only thing that has changed is they changed the monitor. We have changed it back to the other monitor, did not help. I have deleted the monitor and let the system refind it, did not help. I have replaced the network card, did not help.

Everything works fine after it boots up with no problems. It take about 2 minutes to go into My Computer, 2 minutes to go into Network Places.

Any ideas on what could be causing this boot up slowdown.
Robert Payne

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by whopi In reply to Very Slow boot up Window ...

This is not normal. Don't forget to cleanup the PCs from resident wanted and unwanted programs (you can test and remove spyware with spybot from ).
Be sure also to scan for virus.

Have you tried to boot un Safe Mode (pressing F8 during the bootup).
If is goes faster, I suspect the IDE drivers: I propose to remove the current IDE Driver (beeing VIA ou SiS) and replace this one with the standard IDE driver and compare the time needed. (You can change the driver by opening the hw management screen (pressing teh windows start key at the same time as the Pause/break key) and selecting hardware management ATA IDE storage controller and forcing a new driver in the available driver list.

Microsoft has furninshed a tool to optimize the boot sequence of XP, named BOOTVIS (but anymore on microsoft web site but still available here )
I never tried this tool on W2000 but why not?

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by abcs In reply to

Found the answer today 9-5-03. They had ran CHKDSK or SCANDISK whatever Windows 2000 uses to or 3 times, and it created three folder FOUND.001, FOUND.002, FOUND.003. I deleted these three folders and everything is back to proper and fast speed. I do not understand it, I have never seen this in 15+ years of working with pc's.

Thanks for your suggestions and help.

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by scott_thomass In reply to Very Slow boot up Window ...

If the above doesn`t help look at the OS itself.
- How many icons are on the Desktop itself
-the more programes here the slower the system
- How much data is in the Temp ordner
- see above
- How much free space is available on the HDD
- too little space and it will break the system
- How full is the Temporary internet file
- see above
- How large is the users profile
- If too large then it will naturally take longer. Check workplace - user here is shown the different profiles and their size.

Another thought is if the user works always in the same place it could also be that the patch cable both from PC to Socket and/or from the socket to the next switch/server/hub is damaged in some way. Try logging on in a different place or change the patch cable.

Forget about the Monitor. This won`t have a affect on the PC Booting.

You might also think about tuning the system ( search in Techrepublic... there?s more then enough details/information here)

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by abcs In reply to

Please read my comments in Answer 1.

Thanks for you help and suggestions, which were very appropriate

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by donmars In reply to Very Slow boot up Window ...

I think I know what the problem is. Do you use roaming profiles? The profile is being updated. Roaming profiles are server-based and can only be stored on a server. When a user with a roaming profile logs on, the profile is downloaded, which creates a local copy on the user's computer. When the user logs off, changes to the profile are updated both on the local copy and on the
server.Do others log on to that workstation sometimes? Does this user log on to other workstations sometimes? If the user uses other machines then when they log on their machine the profile will be downloaded in its entirety. this could take awhile. The profile for this user has become huge and when they log on the server has to update the profile to the local box. If it has never been cleared in awhile it will be very big and should be cleared or else it will take forever to update on that machine. You have to clear it on the server where the profile is stored. The profiles are generally stored in the SystemRoot\PROFILES directory, under a separate subdirectory for each user.

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by donmars In reply to

Also, it could be that the users profile on the server is corrupt. Delete the the users profile and recreate it. I would do this first as this would solve both problems. It is obvious you have a network problem with one particular user so it points to a profile problem. Oh... why were you replacing the monitor!? <grin>

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by abcs In reply to

Please see my response in answer 1 above. This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. The machine was apparently trying to do something with the chkdsk files that it created.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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by abcs In reply to Very Slow boot up Window ...

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