Very Slow Dell Dimension 3000 - 24hrs to install Win XP

By jonatay325 ·
I have a Dell Dimension 3000 that is very very slow. I figured I would reformat my HDD and reinstall Windows XP. However, the install takes well over 24 hours to complete. The Bios shows that 512MB RAM is installed. I tried a new 80GB Western Digital HDD in it and that still took over 24 hours to install windows from a freshly formatted drive. The processor cooling fan is running and has good airflow.

Any ideas? Please help.

Dell Dimension 3000
2.4GHz Celeron
80 GB Maxtor HDD

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by retro77 In reply to Very Slow Dell Dimension ...

Go into the BIOS and load the defaults. Even with the CPU clocked down, 24 hours seems like a long time.

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try this

by wesley.chin In reply to Very Slow Dell Dimension ...

I had a machine that was slow also, though not quite as slow as yours I think. Like you, I ran through many options. the one that did it was so obvious....scandisk. after that, the machine was back in its blazing glory.

The problematic machine was a 3 Ghz single core P4 running WinXP Pro SP2 with a gig of RAM.

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I don't think scandisk will help

by jonatay325 In reply to try this

This problem occurs on 2 different HDDs and one of them was new. I did however perform the scandisk on the original while windows was loading on the new HDD and no errors or corrupt/bad sectors/blocks were found.

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This probably won't help

by DaveMarriage In reply to Very Slow Dell Dimension ...

But, I installed a new HD in my laptop and was trying to load XP. 3 hours later I kept getting .dll errors. I tried this over and over with mixed results, but I kept getting different .dll errors. I tried another XP disc and it worked with flying colors. The old disc didn't have a scratch on it either.

Also, does your CD/DVD-ROM function normally?

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I don't think its the cd

by jonatay325 In reply to This probably won't help

I don't think its the Win XP CD because it was very slow to begin with and that is why I decided to reformat the HDD and reinstall windows.

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I think its the CD

by ashell.b In reply to I don't think its the cd

Or that the CD would be a good place to start. If you know how to make a back up copy of your CD, do it, and then install from the back. (this might be hard for the everyday user to do)
-If the CD takes a long time to copy, its the CD.
-If you can't burn a backup, its the CD burner. (this is assuming your computer is up and running to make a copy)

The way around this is to just borrow a friends media.

If both of these steps go fine and the back up installs slowly, its time for a new HD, but really I would just consider a new PC since you said it has been slow. The computer might not met your needs anymore.

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Something here is very wrong . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Very Slow Dell Dimension ...

Try this link:

Download and install SANDRA. Let it run through ALL the benchmarking routines.

Hopefully you'll be better aware as to what is causing this bottleneck in your system, because something is very slow and very wrong.

<Edited for typo>

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How to use Sandra

by jonatay325 In reply to Something here is very wr ...

So I have installed Sandra, but don't quite understand benchmarking. I realize that I am comparing to other processors or machines etc. Should I be using the test for diagnostics instead? Not sure if this helps, but i noticed that when running something as simple as device manager my cpu usage jumps to 100%. Could my processor be the culprit? I have swapped HDDs, HDD ribbon cable, and RAM

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compare measurements to published specs of devices

by Absolutely In reply to How to use Sandra

They're likely to all be slightly different ("3 GHz" CPUs frequently measure 2.99, or occasionally 3.01, but NEVER 3.00 in my experience!), but if you find one that's 10x as slow as what was printed on the packaging, you know that's "broken".

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Why not take this opportunity to test-drive a Linux LiveCD.

by Absolutely In reply to Very Slow Dell Dimension ...

If you like it, why not see if the corresponding distribution's full version installs on your hard drive? If it does, who cares what the problem is with Windows? If not, what have you lost?

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