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very slow network connection

By MF. ·
This is our setup:
1 w2k dc server
3 citrix servers
1 isa server
3 cisco switches
cat 5e network

We recently migrated from nt4 to a w2k environment. On top of w2k ts we have citrix. Last week we experienced a complete new problem. As much as 10 users could login, after that the loginprocedure became so slow, it even effected the other users. After replacing the cables, switches and even a complete new w2k dc the problem still occurs. It has to be something in the software that doesn't allow more than 10-15 users to login. After moving the startmenu's from the dc to the citrix servers, suddenly 70 users could login. But this isn't the solution to the problem.
Does anybody has an idea how to solve this problem???

With regards,

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by evil_lazer In reply to very slow network connect ...

Hey there, well looks like this is quite broad. Need more info, how many users, specs of the DC. Is it just login times that is slow. What about general browsing of the network on the DC and then on the other servers. Can you nail it down to just one box?
You may want to setup a packet sniffer on the network and capture some traces by spanning a port on the switch.
Are the cirtix servers also DC's?? If not:
DHCP, DNS, and all AD roles is not advisable to run on a single box. I would look at installing another DC to share some of these services.

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