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Very strange (and serious) boot problem

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There are three bootable partitions on my laptops hard disk: Windows XP, FreeBSD, Ubunto 10.04.

After I installed the last OS I'm not more able to boot any of the OS's from the hard disk (see below).

Booting into FreeBSD or UBunto gives the msg. "Missing Operating System". Booting Windows gives a blank screen.

I'm not more able to boot the supplied windows XP DVD (so I can't do a Windows restore). Same from a new external (USB) DVD reader. (I suspected the internal reader.) The bootable DVD gives a very brief msg, afterwards there is a blank screen and the DVD stops spinning.

I am ABLE to boot the Ubunto CD, and I'm then able to access all hard disk partitions (also the XP's). It seems there are bootable systems installed.

I am ABLE to boot GPartEd life from CD. I changed the bootable partitions to the different OS's, but none boots.

I am ABLE to boot DOS from an USB floppie.
(I did a FDISK /MBR to fix the MBR).

Booting from USB sticks seems to work (but the OS's seem corrupted).

These are the main symptoms. I hope someone has a suggestion.


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