very strange keyboard issues

By corllon ·
My keyboard has started to act very very funny on me. First thing I noticed was the page down key started opening the My Computer folder when it never had before and I didn't rebind anything. Page up also now opens the calculator, and the very worst of all is right shift now types in a 3 when pressed 3(I can still use it to capitalize but there is always a 3 first, so I've started to have to use caps lock for single key capitalization3)

Left shift does the same thing but it types a 6 instead of a 3. Please let me know what the issue might be or how to reset everything to default binds, I'd really appreciate help with this.

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to very strange keyboard iss ...

is this a laptop of standalone pc?

you need a new keyboard.

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Monkey business

by bart777 In reply to very strange keyboard iss ...

I'd try a new keyboard but I think you have someone messing with ya. It sounds like they may have remapped your keyboard on you.

Run a virus scan on the machine to make sure thay haven't put something on there to mess with you. Back Orifice used to do just this kind of thing. Tho I must admit it was great fun watching folks try to figure out what we were doing to them.

Good luck.

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First thing to do is look at the Keyboard Region Setting

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to very strange keyboard iss ...

To see if that has been altered.

If it hasn't then because you are a student the next most likely thing is an Infection from one of the many Viri that are floating around so Update whatever it is that you are using as an AV Package reboot into Safe Mode if you are using Windows and scan the system.

You really need to provide more information here like is this a Notebook of a Workstation, what OS you are running and so on.

BTW if this is a NB and you have been using an external Keyboard plug it back in and make sure that none of the Special Function Keys is set to ON if one or more is reset them and try again to see if the unit now works properly.

Also try a Known Good Keyboard to see where you need to look. With the Known Good Keyboard if things work correctly your Keyboard is shot but if things remain the same you need to look at someone messing with your computer somehow. Either some other student changing the Keyboard or some kind of infection is present.


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