Very Strange!

By sid_kraft ·
I purchased a new Western Difital, 160Gig Hard drive, placed it in my system as a master and "jumped" as such. I then tried to format with a DOS disk and it said, cannot format a network disk. I then tried to format from a CD drive using WinXP Pro and it could not access the disk. I then ran PC Diagnostics and it reads the disk fine, list the heads, cyliners and sectors fine, acts like nothing wrong. I am at my wits end as the disk should be readable, my BIOS recognizes it as a 160Gig hard disk but when I go to the system and try to use, cannot and also cannot format as I get the above answer, i.e. "cannot format a network disk" Any help? please let me know at

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OS Limitations

by TheChas In reply to Very Strange!

Depending on the version of FDISK on your DOS boot disk, it is limited somewhere between 64GB and 137GB for the maximum size hard drive it can format.

The original release of XP also has a 137GB format limit.

I don't remember if they corrected that with SP1 or with SP2.

Post a comment with the exact WD model number and the make and model of your motherboard /PC and we can look into details better.


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Model of WD Hard disk

by sid_kraft In reply to OS Limitations

Chas: It is a Western Digital Model WD1600JB-00READ, WD Caviar SE, DCM:H8CHNT2CH, R0H8 Drive Parameters: LBA 312581808. Also, I have Microsoft Vista Beta Release RC1. Don't know if I can boot from this disk and format C: or not??
Sid Kraft

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Is this a SATA (Serial ATA) Disk?

by fadbel In reply to Very Strange!

I have two WD SATA disks I installed and XP PRO didn't recognize them until I obtained a driver disk for SATA, a download from WD. They also have instructions on how to initiate installation of that driver.
If they're not SATA disks, contact WD, they'll be glad to help.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Very Strange!

No person will e-mail you Sid. Why would they want to give you their e-mail address (and to a account)!!!

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