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Very very slow web browsing on DSL 54.0Mbps Connection

By ronankeenan1 ·
I have a Pentium 4, Memory 512MB of DDRAM, and 40.0 GB Hard Drive,

Operating System: Windows XP

Software Offfice 2000 Pro, with Service Pack 2.

Internet connection: DSL, Speed 54.0 Mbps

Router: Wireless US Robotics: USR8054

Over the past few weeks, I have been experiencing an extremly slow DSL connection, it is even worst than dial up connection, in some cases it is taking between 1-2 minutes to brows from one web page to another..., it seems to load the page okay once it locates the page.

The upload and download speed is okay, no problems there. It's just the browsing.

Things I have done trying to solve the problem, I cleard the history, deleted all the cookies, and deleted all temp. internet files, upgraded Norton anti-virus software and ran a lavasoft anti-spyware program. The result was the same. the problem was not solved... one other things i noticed, that when i attempt to go to the control pannel, or even if i attempt to open a MS word document, it is extremly slow as well, so it seems that the problem is not browsing only, it is for some reason, the computer got slow...

I am facing a dead end in this issue, can anyone help me troubleshoot this problem, and direct me on what i should do..


Thank you very very much.


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Did you try repairing IE

by CTOS In reply to Very very slow web browsi ...

I had something very similar to your situation not too long ago. I tried even refreshing the system files! Then i stumbled across a part in the administration panel that allowed me to "repair Explorer" which finally did the trick. Have you tried anything similar to that yet?
Good luck.

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by featherman In reply to Very very slow web browsi ...

... running a defrag routine, either the built in XP version, Norton's Speed Disk, Executive Software's DiskKeeper... you get the drift, I'm sure. It seems like you pretty well covered everything else. Have you tried an alternate browser (if you use IE, try Firefox; if you use firefox, try Opera...)- does the alternate browser have the same issue?

I also think the previous poster's suggestion might have some merit, as explorer (Windoews Explorer) and iexplore (Internet Explorer) are built on the same codebase...

Also, you might want to set your swap file to 768MB min and max (1.5x your physical RAM)-this will help stop your swap file from fragmenting, which might be the cause of your issue...

If it weren't for the additional info you give regarding the entire system being slow, I would also suggest deleting/refresh your DNS resolver cache, but that would have nothing to do with non-TCP/IP based programs...

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Check for spyware

by jdclyde In reply to Try...

I have seen spyware do this, and several other strange things. I have even seen it prevent your computer from printing.

And yes, load Firefox up.

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Possible HD issue?

by Garion11 In reply to Very very slow web browsi ...

Hardware issues in general are a pain lol. Would it be possible for you to unplug the HD from you PC and put into a similar known good PC (with similar if not the same hardware configurations) and see if the problem repeats itself. If it does...then we can go further in the OS/HD troubleshooting...if it doesn't..then something is wrong with the hardware on your PC. Did you check eventviewer for any error messages? Did you try another network (such as a friend's)??

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Does it lock up?

by jdclyde In reply to Possible HD issue?

I wouldn't think it would be bad HD unless it was crashing or locking up (more than usual).

Garion11, have you seen a bad HD just make a system run slow? New one to me if it is the problem.

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oh yes

by Garion11 In reply to Does it lock up?

I have seen plenty of HDs that are bad which slow a system down. Again these are in the early early stages of crashing completely...but it does happen.

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My troubleshooting... trust me

by house In reply to Very very slow web browsi ...


1) tracert to your dns servers and look for timeouts

2) ping the dns servers at your ISP, and look for high latency (the time in ms should not be anywhere near 100)

3) If it is XP, run the command prompt and enter

netsh winsock reset

if that isn't recognized, do this

netsh interface ip reset resetlog.txt

4) call your ISP and ask them to check your synch and noise levels

5) make sure that the router is the single point for authentication

6) explicitly assign multiple dns server to your local area connection

7) make sure that you do not have two firewalls on eg: windows firewall/icf and third party

configure firewall rules in the router and get rid of your software firewalls

9) check your router manufacturer for flash upgrades

10) use "shielded" wiring if at all possible (primarily your rj-11)

11) check for spyware

12) see if you experience the same issues with another host

13) if all else fails, go with a dedicated or cbl line :)

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Order is questionable

by jdclyde In reply to My troubleshooting... tru ...

While this is a great list, checking for virus/trojan/spyware should be listed before contacting ISP. Matter of fact, the ISP should be listed dead last.

What do you think?

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List is not in order

by house In reply to Order is questionable

I agree... obviously we need to cancel out the private network/PC as the issue before you take it to the ISP. This list was simply thrown together in haste. There is no order.

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In that case

by jdclyde In reply to List is not in order

Listen to what the house has so say to you!

A real good list of things to check out, but always elemenate all factors BEFORE calling ISP.

I would start with the spyware as that is the easiest to check for.

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