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IRT a earlier post, I am still intrested in what skills would anyone recommend that i invest in with 1 year left prior to departing from military. Should i pursue bachelors degree in MIS/CIS(will not be done in a year) or should i go with certs or diplomas from local tech schools to beef up knowledge(Possibly in wireless or fibreoptics) and then finnish my degree later. I have some funds that i can use. tks everyone...this discussion center is great.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Veterans and employment

Certs are great and everything, especially in a competetive market. But drive outsells certs any day of the week.

Too may people pop up here with a BA in this and a whatever in that. They can't find work!
usually this is due to the type of work they seek btut more than often it is du to poor huntig skills. looking in the newspaper for ads, calling recruiters etc.

target a company and call them, then the next, then the next etc. until you get in the door, then it's ALL up to you.

I lucked out but only becuase I am known to work hard and be an asset to whoever I work for, I was hired with NO certs as a F/T network admin, they then paid for my MCNE training. Soon after I moved away and took them on under a contract basis along with a couple of smaller contracts and some personal work. Now I have time to persue my own goals (I work in artist management and overseas promotion) while having a decent paycheck and living where i choose.

yes I was damn lucky and I know it, but it's just a matter of creating your own opportunities and ignoring the mainstream or pessimists and these things just turn up out of thin air it seems.

Welcome back to the civilian life! Good luck with your career! Your certs and security clearance will help a GREAT deal in your career but don't expect them to work alone!

I will assume that you have a very disciplined mentality and your work ethic will easily show as superior against others.

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