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vga cable input signal

By lartpupli ·
as the above title mentiones,
I recieve that message when i try to start-up my PC
In the monitor I get displaed that message and nothing hapens after it.

well I've formated my PC a week ago.
after it My LCD worked well, and it still works well if i conect it on another PC.
but when i try to conect another monitor to my pc, i get the same result.

nevertheless, as i said previously, i formated my computer.
the only problem with my monitor, was that when i had to scroll down on a eindow through my mouse-roll, the window used to display like waves (meaning that it got desplayed slowly)

when i turn-on my PC I do not see the light that shows the HDD is working.

I tried to re-install my graphic card, as well as my RAM, but nothing happened.
I think that i need to find AND install my graphic card driver, but i don't know how to do it, if I can not see anything displayed on my monitor.

Can you please provide any help ???

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Hardware Failure

by AlexChiefTech In reply to vga cable input si ...

Your problem has nothing to do with software.

Does the PC beep normally during start up? If not, you may have bad memory or CPU.

If the PC looks like it's starting normally (I doubt it since you do not see the HDD light at boot), then it's your video card itself.

I would recommend that you put some known-good memory in and see it if helps.

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