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vhs to dvd

By mtribble ·
this is probably pretty silly, but I am confused about the difference between a fire-wire and a tv/out video card. I want to copy my tapes to dvd's. I plan to use my vcr and connect it to my computer. My current video card is a year old, and as far as I know, doesn't have the connectopn I want. Sould I just get a recordable dvd player?

Also, if I make slide ahows of some of my phots (scanned and put on a cd, can yhis be played on a dvd plyer)?

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TV Tuner

by mrafrohead In reply to vhs to dvd

You're going to need a TV Tuner to get that to work.

Pretty much, this is what you're going to be looking for. A either new video card like the ATI All in Wonder RADEON 9700 Pro - about 400 bucks US - that will do exactly what you want and also has a nice vid card attached.

OR - you can get a seperate capture card. They're usually about 100-300 US depending on what you want. Personally I recommend you getting something PCI - and also getting something that is higher quality a little more expensive. That way you will be able to record your video at 720*480 resolution at least and also in stereo. If you get snazzy you can even record in DD 5.1.

Once you have it captured then you can use a DVD burner and burn it to your disk. Also - yes, you can add pictures to make a slide show.

Lemme know if you have any further questions.

Oh yeah, if you don't have a burner yet, I recommend the Sony DRU 500AX. It's pretty darned nice. And worth the extra hundred bucks from regular burners.


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by mtribble In reply to TV Tuner

is a tv tuner or capture card what I plug my outgoing cables from mt y vcr in? (sorry - this is new for me) as for the separete video card- would I remove mt old one? Does it just snap in back like my modem or scci port?

and finally, do you know if the quality would be as good as say the phillips that records from one machine? You know the combo dvd recordable and
vhs? And since this technolgy is really moving faster than I can keep up, would you think if I waited six months there might be some new thing thats better? (I have win xp- It does have some sort of movies maker, but I was reading about Roxio and Adobe- what do you think of them?


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To begin.

by mrafrohead In reply to mrafrohead

Alright, looking at your last post, I am under the assumption that you're relatively new to this type of thing.

So to start, i would say this much. If you get yourself a DVD burner - the Sony for instance, it will come with adequate software to get you going. It's PERFECT for beginner/intermediate movie makers. I actually think that you will like it a lot better than the Windoze XP version that you currently have on your box.;sid=H0ypRBhwcVqpYSbN_KejT1d-KztbdKvqhCg=?CatalogCategoryID=KCwKC0%2eN_u8AAAD1tFrx3AxA&ProductID=Km0KC0%2eNb9cAAAD1lZjx3AxE&Dept=cpu

This is what I would recommend for a burner for you. It works with both DVD +/- R. Very nice and the bundled software will be perfect for you.

As for a capture card - that's what I would go with if you have the money.

OR - There's also a TV Wonder PCI - but they appear to be missing that from their site at the moment, and it's probably 150 bucks.

The capture card, you will connect your VCR to it with the composite cables. Those are the RCA cables. You'll have the red/black/yellow for stereo audio and yellow for video.

If you wait six months, you'll probably be able to get a faster style burner than is available now, and maybe a better capture card, though you will always experience that. Technology increases at such a fast rate, if you wait for something better, you will always be waiting.

If you were to use the seperate video card, you would actually be removing your current video card, inside of your computer, and replacing it with the new one. More than likely it will go into your AGP port inside your box. Although if you go with a strictly capture card, then that will go into the PCI bus of your machine, again inside the box.


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by mtribble In reply to To begin.

good stuff to know- thanks for the options

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There is another alternative

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to vhs to dvd

Instead of getting a PCI Video Capture Card there are USB Video capture devices available I can't find a US Site but for your reference have a look at

It will give you an idea of whats available and you won't have to open the case if that is of any concern to you but I agree with {sorry but I can't remember his name} the sony is one of the best DVD burners available and currently it is one of the few that will be compatable with most other DVD readers but that could change in a very short time as this technology is developing fast and things at ther moment are in a state of flux with new and different coming out all the time.

But as a general rule a high quality PCI video capture card will perform better than a USB device but again things are changing fast and this may not still hold true for any length of time. I havent tried the USB devices so I can't coment on them but they are all new technology and have only recently been realesed so they should be better than what was previously available.

But just remember that at the moment a standard for DVD hasn't been settled upon by the industry so there could be a different standard out within a few months/years and that could mean that any DVD's that you creat with a burner that you have bought now may not be readable on the newer readers.

Also there may be developments that go beyond the 4.7 Gig limit that currently applies to recorder DVD's but at present the DVD recorders are realitively cheep and the media is cheep as well so you don't really have much to lose by buying now as if you chose to wait you will never get anything because there will always be price changes or new technology developments comming some time soon.

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by mrafrohead In reply to There is another alternat ...

colin has a very good idea, but the reason I recommended the pci is because I have USB. I can say that yes, there is a GREAT ease of use. BUT - you lose quality and later on you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't do it right the first time.I got the usb because I didn't realize that there was a performance hit by using it. I thought that they were all the same. Unfortunatley they aren't.

As for burner standards. The -R standard will probably make the big stick. Though, I wouldn't bet my first born on it:)

And the newer burners that were referenced to that are larger than the 4.7 are the Bluerey drives. They are currently on sale, though they are probably out of the price range of all of us on this forum. They are starting at about four grand US to begin. They will burn I believe 27G per disk to start with the potential to increase up to the 100+ G.

Other than that, i can't think of anything else at this time that is pertinant and that will help out. Lemme know if either of you guys have any further questions or comments or the like:)


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Hi there mrafrohead

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

I do agree with your coments about the USB devices as from previous experience they wern't as good however I don't know about the lattest generation of USB capture devices surely they must have improved them by now?

I also didn't think to talk about VCD's as I thought that this person wanted to burn DVD's rather than the less clear VCD's but it is a good point.



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by mrafrohead In reply to Hi there mrafrohead

I think that they're limited by design, unless you go with USB 2.0. I think that it's teh 11mbps that can't allow enough data through to get a truly nice capture. Which blows for me, because my TV encodes could be better if I was using different equipment:)

BUT - it does work and it's VERY easy to use.

The neat thing about VCD, though definately not as clear, is that it will work in most newer DVD players on the market.


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more questions

by mtribble In reply to Hi there mrafrohead

so a vdc is sort of like a dvd, but I can burn photo (j-pegs) and if my dvd player is copatible with that, I can play my " slide shows on my dvd player?

I have the dvd burner stuff down- but as a capture device, I need a video card with tv (radio), ot that dazzle thing (I have seen that in store? - Now is my dvd player does play vcd will the quality be the same at least as my tapes? And are some of the tape I purchased copy protacted? BUMMER? And the UBS TV tuner- my vcr hooks on to that?

Thanks- you have been so much help:)

If I have things wrong, or you have more to add, please let me know

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more answers

by mrafrohead In reply to more questions

A VCD is sort of like a DVD, in theory. It is actually burned onto a regular CD-r disk and not a DVD. The quality will more than likely be less than that of a VCR tape. But, it will work:)

I am not sure if you can burn the jpegs into the VCD though like you can with a DVD. But I'm ignorant on this topic. But I don't think that you can.

Some of the tapes, will be copyprotected, but that's fine. There's nothing that you can't fix digitally. Just remember, if you are copying tapes, MAKE SURE THAT YOU OWN THEM FIRST! Don't just start borrowing or renting tapes. According to Fair Use, you are allowed to make a backup copy of your purchased copyright protected material. Nothing else.

Yes, your VCR will hook into the TV Tuner card whether it be a PCI card or a USB card.

Lemme know if you have anything else you're curious about.


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