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Whats a newbie to do when using technology is new and finances are an issue? Is it better to buy recorder available at Sears or elsewhere that does the transfer or use PC? Thank you, in advance, for clear and simple language!

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It depends...

by gralfus In reply to VHS TO DVD VIA PC OR REC ...

(edited to correct brain fart)
If you want to edit the information, use a PC. You will be able to edit the digital information easier than trying to do it on a VHS tape beforehand. You will need a video card that allows input from external devices, like an ATI AIW Radeon series.

Non-PC: If you want to remove macrovision protection from a tape, you may need a hardware device between the two machines that does this.

PC: Some video cards can be set to disable the macrovision protection.

For straightforward copying of non-copyrighted materials, you can get a DVD recorder with VHS built-in. If you don't need to edit anything, this is the easiest way.

PCs will also allow you to copy DVDs as well as record from VHS.

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A slight edit: Macrovision

by admin In reply to It depends...

You may have meant Macrovision as I am not sure what VHS tapes, if any, were recorded with Macromedia.

Those pesky spell\grammer checkers probably just led you astray on this, but I thought I would reference it in case he googles it or asks his local sales rep how this affects copying.

Even those all in one units at Sears won't copy a protected VHS onto DVD without it flashing like a strobe light.

You would be good to research copy rights and Macrovision so you don't make any mistakes trying to copy protected content. :)

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by gralfus In reply to A slight edit: Macrovisio ...

Thanks for the catch, I've edited it.

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Thank you, too!

by In reply to A slight edit: Macrovisio ...

ALL, except 3 tapes,are recorded from TV to watch again later tapes. I worked 30 years, and am now 50 and disabled. I never had enough money to get any movie tapes. The three I have were gifts. Do you think I'll run into problems? I appreciate the time you took with me.

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You shouldn't have trouble

by admin In reply to Thank you, too!

Television Broadcasts are starting to use copy protection just now, but you have to have new fancy expensive TV's to get the signals that lose the ability to copy.


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THANK YOU! Still have questions. ...

by In reply to It depends...

What is macrovision protection? What is the hardware device? What two machines? Do you connect a VHS recorder/player to the PC? How, or what to you get to connect them? ALL thats needed is the video card, hardware device and something to connect? Do you recommend the video card you suggested? Listed under "Sound Video and Game Controllers" currently is "Audio Codecs, Creative Game Port, Legacy Audio Drivers, Legacy Video Capture Devices, Media Control Devices, Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device,and Video Codecs." (Hopefully I looked in the right areas!) Under Display Adapters is listed "Radeon X300 Series and Radeon X300 Series Secondary." Are those enough or do I also need to get another? Is it difficult to install the card? My new PC has a DVD burner which I've yet to use. Do I get the plus or minus DVD's? Is software (other than what works the burner) needed for this process? As if those aren't enough questions (I AM sorry), please, would you take the time to delineate the exact steps for connection, then the exact steps for transfer - edit - burn? I know I will want to edit my (mostly when the Lakers were good!)tapes. Yet, it needs to be a little bit easy because I'm disabled and live alone PLUS I'm just learning. I'm willing to learn, though. Thank you. .. .

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Copy VHS to DVD

by mairambija In reply to VHS TO DVD VIA PC OR REC ...

or visit <a href="" title="VHS to DVD">VHS to DVD</a> and transfer your home video tapes to dvd. You can get a pretty good conversion at a reasonable price from a lot of places. But what are most of these companies lacking? Care and attention to detail! Other ways you get totally amateurish product done with domestic equipment.

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