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VIA USB2 and Win XP

By jeffkrol ·
Any one have any info on why VIA USB2 chipsets (on board or add on cards) seem so problematic. I bought a add on PCI card that has firewire and USB2 ports.
My MB only has 3 pci slots so I thought this was a good solution. XP detected card and loaded drivers just fine. USB hi speed card reader detected and useable. Speed 4x faster than if I plug it in MB USD
ports. Problem (if it's a problem) is USB2 is not lised in device manager. Only lists as USB root hub 4 times. I assume 2 for on board and the 2 added by the card. The Microsoft driver is listed as 5.1.2600.1106 on the root w/ the "mass storage device" attached. Is this USB2? No way to update drivers from VIA (license agreement w/ Microsoft (enough to give me shivers))and seemingly no way to upgrade from Microsoft.Drivers on CD refuse to install. I have been checking the VIA forums and it seems other people have been having problems like this. Was recommended to me to get a card w/ NEC chipset and I have passed this on. Seems to solve the majority of USB2 problems. What evil has transpired between Microsoft and VIA to cause us so many problems? I also checked usbman.com web site and saw all the "tricks" to getting USB to work. BIOS updates,patches,IRQ conflicts ect. but for some reason I don't buy into this. If someone can't get a VIA USB2 card working and then slops in a NEC card and "boom" instant success, then I feel there's a deeper yet simpler problem. Sorry for ranting but I think I assumed alot of frustration from others. My card at least seemingly works. Haven't tested the Firewire part yet. For the IRQ crowd. 10-SCSI host adapter and Creative audio.11-nvidia geforce ultra and rev5 or later USB host controller 12- (2) rev 5 host controllers and OHCI compliant 1394 host controller.MB ga-7zmmh w/ via km133a chipset.
256mb VCRAM,AMD XP-1700 (or close),ELSA Gladiac Ultra geforce2 card.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to VIA USB2 and Win XP

The USB2.0 drivers for VIA are not the same as the Microsoft drivers for USB2.0

I have NEVER has a problem with the VIA drivers but you MUST install the VIA 4-in-1 pack BEFORE you install ANY other drivers. This has the correct VIA AGP bridge driver and IRQ Routing Miniport Driver which is critical to getting the USB 2 ports to work. You must also ensure that Assign IRQ to USB is enabled in the BIOS.

The correct drivers are to be found at www.via.com.tw and

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by jeffkrol In reply to

Sorry but there are no USB2 drivers for Win XP at VIA. I also have a CD that came with the add on card but the drivers will not load. You can start the install but the install wizard just "goes away". And I literally mean goes away. Sorry forgot to mention I am running XP Home. Just downloaded the newest "hyperion 4 in 1 drivers from VIA. I suppose I could try unstalling the card and try again now that I did that.Actually as I stated earlier the card works fine but is it truely USB2?Only thing that leads me to believe that it's OK is that if my flashcard reader is plugged into the on board USB ports I get the "High speed device in a non high speed port" warning from windows. When I plug the reader into the expansion card port the warning does not appear. So I have been assuming it is USB2 yet nowhere in device manager is USB2 listed

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by GuruOfDos In reply to VIA USB2 and Win XP

Try the following:

Remove ALL USB devices from the device manager!

Windows XP can't recognise USB2 VIA drivers if it has already detected USB ports and installed default drivers. The correct drivers will install themselves after installing the Hyperion service pack when you re-boot the computer.

If you go to the VIA web-site, goto the VIA motherboards...look for EPIA-M motherboard drivers and use the USB2.0 drivers from this location. When correctly installed, the device is listed as Enhanced USB Controller in dev mangler!

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