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    Viability of Computer Support Business?


    by reginaldjpriest ·

    I’ve read some “net propaganda” lately about guys doing low end tech support successfully. Sample article:

    This guy is making it sound like his business took off like wildfire by simple osmosis – but he’s in NYC so maybe social and business conditions there permit this to happen.

    In a more average part of the country (US) – say in flyover country in a medium sized city – what does anyone think that it would it take to get something like this rolling – time, money, and commitment-wise? Assuming that the person had sufficient skills and professionalism to run the business, that is.

    IE: I see postings on the bulletin boards in local groceries for home user tech support. These guys state that they are charging like $25/hr. I couldn’t keep the lights on for that. But I don’t see that business users would take someone that cheap very seriously, either.

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      Knowledge is the key

      by razz2 ·

      In reply to Viability of Computer Support Business?

      I run this type of business. I deal with small to medium
      business’, but do not work with home users. Most the
      people I compete with are around $75 to $150 per
      hour. I fall in there somewhere too. I have never
      advertised but do not lack clients. One client I had
      refered me and they refered me ad so on

      I chose not to do resale. I will consult, design,
      implement and/or administer a client network. I will
      recommend hardware and and assist them in
      purchasing it. I am an HP refferal partner which works
      much the same way. The client makes the purchase
      from HP through me. I also have a deal with a local
      computer shop. I send them my home users and they
      let me carry drives and supplies with me so I do not
      have to maintain an inventory of common parts. When
      those parts are needed they are billed seperate from
      my labor by the computer shop. The number of
      business’, even of medium size, where the IT staff is
      one person that used to be an office mgr. is amazing.
      They have no idea of IT, they inherited it.

      It is a very doable business BUT, you have to know
      your stuff. Working on the same network everyday is
      great in that the suprises are minimized. In my case
      many clients do not want regular visits as there budget
      does not support it. I try to sell a maintenance contrct
      but they prefer to call me when / after something fails.
      because of that, the issues I come across are very
      different every time. It is fun though.


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      Can Work, Depends on You

      by willcomp ·

      In reply to Viability of Computer Support Business?

      I am in a very small town and do OK by servicing home users and small businesses. As Razz2 stated, success depends on your depth of knowledge. In a small town word of mouth can make or break you quickly.

      Know what you’re doing, charge reasonable rates, treat customers well, and you’ll probably get plenty of business. I would also recommend a storefront if dealing with general public. Also gives business customers a favorable impression.


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      Check out some previous advice

      by Jay Garmon ·

      In reply to Viability of Computer Support Business?

      This topic has come up before. This discussion in particular had a lot of good advice from an aspiring home tech support business owner:

      This might shed some light on the subject.

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      It’s pretty good.

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Viability of Computer Support Business?

      I started advertising my own business at $25 / hr like you’ve seen, and have since raised it to about $85 / billable hour. has some good forums from other small computer / IT support businesses. You could ask some of the users there what they make.

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