Video and audio transmission to a data projector

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We want to replace our 150ft cable which runs between our data projector and our laptop with a wireless device that transmits sound and video. Can anyone suggest what I could buy to do this?


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Solutions are out there

by shiny_topadm In reply to Video and audio transmiss ...


There is a company called InFocus that makes a product called LiteShow (2 pieces: a PCMCIA card and a plug-in projector interface) that will do this, it is on the 802.11b standard and has some specific requirements about the projector connection. The manufacturer's literature says that up to 300 feet is possible. I've used ours about 100 feet away (in a lo-RF environment) with no problems at all. The only possible 'con' is that it was fairly expensive; about US$700 a year ago. You should talk to a professional A/V products dealer. I'm sure these people aren't the only ones to do this. Good luck


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Other known limitations

by shiny_topadm In reply to Video and audio transmiss ...

After I answered, I thought I should tell you that the system does have an inherant bandwidth limitation from the 11Mbps max wireless network. I have heard that it will not do well with full-motion video or similar things that need more bandwidth. I believe that they will still display, just with increasing lag or delay, which might not be good! I don't use ours for that type of material, more static slides and pages or documents.

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hold onto your cable for now...

by Chris910 In reply to Other known limitations

This technology is not quite rady for prime time yet!

Right now I'm thinking that we are about a year away.

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