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By laz3y ·
i wanted to upgrade my video card on emachine 2615 and i was wondering if i needed something special.

"You can purchase a PCI or AGP video card and it should install with no problems.
When purchasing the card you will need to check with the manufacturer to make
sure the card does not support multi monitor/video and is capable of disabling
onboard video. Also you will need to check the power supply requirements of the
card as some require high output power supplies."

that was what the emachine people told me
what kind of card should i get?

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by dmiles In reply to video card

The question you need to answer first is what is your motherboard?
If it has onboard graphics, there is a chance that it doesn't have an AGP port.

To find out, run belarc or aida 32.
Post Edited On: Feb 23, 2004, 04:33 PM

the first thing i would do is get MORE MEMORY!!! It not only helps u with C&C, but for other applications too. Its functionality is universal and most important thing, aside from cpu speed.

About your video card, like the previous entry, check if you have an agp port.

NEVER BUY AN EMACHINE PC . Add atleast 128mb of ram and then disable onboard Vcard and buy a Gforce3-4 or atleast a ATI9600+ . (You might wanna change your power supply too (Emachine OEM 230watts).

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by TheChas In reply to video card

First, how old is this computer?

If it is a Pentium 3 or older, if you have an AGP port, it may be limited to using a 1X AGP card.

Cards that support AGP 1X and 2X are getting hard to find.

There should be no compatibility issues with a PCI video card.

Now, as far as power issues, the depends on the GPU you get, and the amount of RAM on the card.

If you limit yourself to a video card with no more than 32MB of video RAM, you should not need a larger power supply. Unless, you have added a lot of RAM or drives.

As dmiles stated, you should first make sure that you have sufficient RAM. Unless you are looking for more video power for playing games. Then, you need a graphics card.

As far as how much RAM you need, that depends on which version of Windows you are running.

For Windows 98 or Me, I recommend between 128MB and 384 MB of RAM for the system. The more physical RAM you have, the more RAM you can dedicate to the video system in BIOS settings.

For Windows 2000 or XP, I recommend as much RAM as you can afford to install. A minimum of 256MB available to Windows.


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