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video card

By empi1208 ·
when i install windows 98 in my system and tries to configure my vga, it does not configure. i am using a system unit made by compaq with a different monitor from another cmpany.

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video card

by TheChas In reply to video card

Start by installing the system / chip-set drivers for your system from Compaq.

Then, if needed, install the video driver.

You may need to install a newer version of DirectX (from Microsoft) also.


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video card

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to video card

You need to reinstall the vedio drivers that came with the M'board or rescue disk when you bought your computer as Windows 98 doesnt have a very extensive libary of vedio drivers. It doesn't matter what sought of monitor you are using but you do have to install the vedio driver before you can get the correct display.

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video card

by cglrcng In reply to video card

I'd like to add something as I just chased a restart hang for about 2 weeks (don't ask me why I didn't follow through at the appropriate time as it's very complicated). The puter would shut down just fine, but would hang on restart only.

After updating to the latest Direct-X 9.0 from the Microsoft Win Update site, make sure to go get the newest updated drivers if you own an NVidia Vid. card (they are D-X9.0 ready). If not you could also chase that nasty hang I did. And the mathematical combinations are huge as far as diagnostics finding it. Finally realized what it was, updated, & bye-bye hang.

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