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By dj3323 ·
does any one know how to disable existing intergrated video card?? installed new geforce video card but no results. comp is gt5040...by the way the esixting video doesnt work

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Disable the Onboard Video in the BIOS

by LarryD4 In reply to video card

Their is a point during boot up that your PC asks if you want enter setup by pressing a key. Usually delete or an F key.

Within your BIOS you will have the option to turn off the onboard video or you will have a switch that will prioritize you video card which should be set to PCI.

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Horns of a dilemma

by JamesRL In reply to video card

Normally you would bring up the BIOS and change the video there from integrated to PCI/AGP/PCI Express, save and exit reconnect to the new card and reboot. In other words you have to have video to change video.

Some MBs will automatically switch if they sense a video card in the video card slot. But you might still run into problems if you didn't already install the drivers. What to do to be sure, is try to boot in safe mode. Boot the machine and press F8 to get into the menu which allows you to chose safe mode. If that works then you can add the nVidia drivers from CD or download them from the net.


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thank you james

by dj3323 In reply to Horns of a dilemma

but the main problem is the fact that the intergrated card no longer functions(the comp. beeps 3 times which im told means the problem is video) ...i couldnt change any settings because the visdeo no longer werked...i had hoped installing a new card in the pci slot would automatically fixed the problem but no

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video on mb

by msillers In reply to thank you james

Osften, there is a jumper or switch on the mother board to disable the onboard video. Can you identify the make and model of the mb?

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boot with driver disk in the drive

by steff16 In reply to thank you james

that should run the card with the default drives of the card if that dosent work the its VERY likely you have fried your motherboard onboared video are tempermental and if your a new pc builder its possible you have electro shocked your board there for the chip set is fried it will start the cpu fan will spin but the board isnt working

T.J. Minter

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if thats the case

by steff16 In reply to boot with driver disk in ...

id sugest fries for a good cheap board a gigabyte will do you just fine
you can get one for say 50 dollars

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