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By kal_lmn ·
My friend recently gave me an Nvidia Vanta/Vanta LT video card (16 MB), I currently am only using an intel(R) 82865g graphics controller, which one should I use? the intel is integrated, and i tried to disable that, and use the Nvidia, but i see no difference. I just basically want your opinion on this subject (do i leave the integrated disabled, enable both, or just stay with the intel).
Please and thanks for your help.

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Yes bosss!

by internetspider In reply to Video card

The intel graphic card is using your amount of Ram, if you install external VGA card it have built in memory, so your RAM will increase by using nVidia.

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Use the Intel

by TheChas In reply to Video card

The Vanta series is pretty old and by todays standards, pretty slow.

Looking at the specifications for the Intel 865g chip-set,


The Intel graphics should respond faster than the Vanta. Plus, you have more video RAM available with the Intel integrated graphics.

If you are looking for higher performance from your system, I would start with adding more RAM. For XP, you want 1GB or more. For Vista, 2GB or more.

If your BIOS has the settings options, once you have enough system RAM, you can improve graphics performance by dedicating more system RAM for video.

If you only need better graphics performance, you need a newer graphics card with at least 64MB of video RAM on the card.


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Hard to find new card with "only" 64mb ram

by jdclyde In reply to Use the Intel

for $40 to $50 USD, you can get a card that will run circles around both of your mentioned options.

There is also the CPU leaching to consider when using on-board vs a card.

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At Least 64 MB

by TheChas In reply to Hard to find new card wit ...

Note, I did state at least 64 MB.

Even with any extra load on the CPU, the Intel integrated graphics will have better performance than the aging Vanta. Especially with only 16MB of video RAM.

Another issue to consider, is that depending on the system, a high end video card may require a power supply upgrade.


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