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By au6852 ·
if my mother board has a built in video card and the video card isn't working anymore, can i just buy an external video card and install it, would it work ???

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by CG IT In reply to video card

unless there is more wrong with the motherboard than just the built in video going out [which is probably the case].

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by JamesRL In reply to should

I grant CG's point that if the built in isn't working, it would be a long shot that the video chip has failed.

Newer motherboards automatically switch from the onboard video to a video card when one is present. Older motherboards have a jumper to disable onboard video in favour of the video card. You might need to consult with your MB manual to know - you can find them on the net in PDF form if you can't find it.


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Are you talking about

by w2ktechman In reply to video card

a desktop computer or a notebook?

Yes adding a PCI/AGP/PCI-e adapter should work fine unless, as CGIT posted, something else is wrong with the MB.

But before doing this, have you checked out the monitor?

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