video card bad???

By thepubear ·
The other day, I just had my video cut out. i was playing an mmo, and talking in ventrilo. I could talk to people in ventrilo, look on another computer and see my character moving. So my computer was interacting with everything fine, I just got "no signal", when I messed with the monitor.

I turned off the computer, and the video turned on as I was powering down, until this morning after I used a vacuum cleaner to **** out the dust from inside the case. A little while later, the video just cut out again.

This time, powering it down did no good. However when I moved the monitor cable from one divx plug to the other, the video came on, and by way of experiment, I moved the cable back, and my video stayed on.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my video drivers, but after uninstalling, when the computer rebooted, the video cut out again when i hit the icon to log into my user account from the user account screen. This time I had to switch the cable plug, and leave it on the 2nd divx plug

Some specs on my computer.
Board: ASUSTek Computer INC. M2NPV-VM 1.xx
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT [Display adapter]
Gateway FPD1975W [Monitor] (19.1"vis, s/n MGJ76D0L11812, June 2007)

Currently it is working. However I just tried moving the monitor cable back to the old plug, and the video stayed on for about 2 seconds and cut out. My guess is that the plug i was using is probably bad.

Does this mean that my video card is going bad? If the 2nd plug works, its not much of a loss, but I'm wondering if this means that i'm going to have to replace the video card. I'm also wondering if what i've done is proof enough that the video card is the problem, and if its only the plug that's bad or if the entire card is bad.

i also used furmark 1.70, and got the following score.

# Score: 736 o3Marks
# Submitted by david @ August 24 2009, 4:43 pm

# App Version: oZone3D.Net_FurMark_v1.7.0_Build_Jul 3 2009_at_09:19:42

# Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
# Number of Active GPUs: 1
# Graphics Drivers: ForceWare 6-10-2009
# GPU Temperatures (start/end):59?C / 83?C

# Bench Duration: 60 sec.
# Resolution: 1440 x 900
# MSAA samples: 0
# Window Mode: fullscreen

# CPU: AMD Athlontm 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800
# CPU Speed: 2004 MHz
# Operating System: Windows XP build 2600 Service Pack 3

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Sounds like it

by jck In reply to video card bad???

Sounds like the DVI port has an issue.

Don't fret tho. 7800s and 8800s are cheap. You could be getting an unexpected blessing in a small upgrade.

Good luck.

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That would be my assessment

by SKDTech In reply to video card bad???

If the second plug is working fine and you have gone through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling your drivers I would say it is a safe bet that your video card is at least partially bad and start putting aside money for a replacement.

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Few quick other rule outs

by Kingbackwards In reply to video card bad???

Make sure it isn't your DVI cable or monitor.

Plug them into a known working machine to test.

Check the cable and pins to make sure its not loose when plugged in or has any bent pins.

If those work fine. Then it's the video card.

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plugin i'm using on same card.

by thepubear In reply to Few quick other rule outs

There are two dvi plugin's on my video card. When I lost signal from the one plug, I moved the cable to the other plug. Currently its still plugged into that plugin, and its working fine. Well for the moment at least.

Now the original plug in, doesn't even give a brief second of video. That plugin is completely dead. All I'm hoping now, is that the vid card lasts long enough for me to replace it.

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Could Still be...

by Kingbackwards In reply to plugin i'm using on same ...

Could still be just the cable. There could be a bend on the receiving end of the cables pins (or a pin that came out in the cards plug) and thus why no video on just that connector.

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