Video Card/Display Problem

By shuska ·
I have a ATI Radeon 9250 256MB PCI Video Card. I have had this card for several years, in several different computers and have never had a problem with it. I recently installed it in a Gateway SEL 400 Desktop Computer with a MSI MS 4185 Socket 7 Switch 1 Motherboard. The motherboard uses an Aladdin 5 chipset, with ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP2X Integrated Graphics. The Computer starts up and runs fine if I run it off of the integrated graphics. However, since installing the Radeon PCI Video card, sometimes when I power up, it powers up just fine, but most of the time it goes to the Gateway Splash Screen, then the power save message comes up on the screen and then the monitor goes into hibernation mode. I have to restart the machine six or seven times before it boots into Windows. Once it boots into windows it runs just fine. Updating the BIOS and Radeon Graphics Drivers and/or reinstalling the Radeon Drivers has not fixed the problem. I have noticed, using GPU-Z that the Video Card BIOS number listed for both the Radeon and the integrated Rage Pro is exactly the same. I'm not sure if this is significant, because PC Wizard 2008 gives a different Video Card BIOS ID for the Radeon than GPU-Z does. The one that PC Wizard gives IS the correct one. I am wondering if the system is reading both the Rage Pro and Radeon BIOS at start up and that is what is causing the problem. Also, I have disabled the Rage Pro Drivers in Control Panel, still no help, unininstalling did not help, as they reinstalled at next boot. Could I be having a voltage problem? I took the Radeon out of the computer and reinstalled it in the computer I took it out of, and it works with no problems in the other computer, which also has a Socket 7, Switch 1 Motherboard in it. I also happened to notice the Gateway is reporting a resource conflict with the floppy controller. Could this somehow be affecting my display issue? I had to install a new floppy drive in the Gateway because the old one was shot, and now the computer thinks there are two floppy drives installed, when there is only one. I unplugged the computer, removed the CMOS battery, wiped the CMOS memory with the switches, reinstalled and reset the CMOS and updated the system BIOS, but none of that did any good for either the display or floppy drive issues, either. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Too Much Video Card

by TheChas In reply to Video Card/Display Proble ...

To be honest, this video card is SO much newer than this motherboard that the BIOS could easily have conflicts with the video card.

I am surprised it runs at all.

The Aladdin 5 chip-set does not support enough system RAM for this card to get all the resources it needs.

Further, on a Gateway system, I am surprised that the power supply has enough wattage to support this video card.

Personally, I would give up the antique computer and find a more up to date system to install your video card into.


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Reply Too much Video Card

by shuska In reply to Too Much Video Card

Thanks Chaz. That is something that occured to me, however, the computer that the card was in before was even older than the Gateway. I goofed in my post. The computer the card was in before was an old IBM Intellistation M Pro with Switch 1, dual Slot 1 PII 300's, and Intel 440LX Chipset. It is two years older than the Gateway. The Gateway has the Aladdin 5 chipset (Which I've never been impressed with. Had this chipset in another computer), and a K-6^2 500 AMD Processor. It had a K-6^2 400 when I got it, and I upgraded to the 500 and made the appropriate switch settings for the additional speed on the motherboard. I do, however, have two more powerful additional power supplies that will fit this case, that I can try that may correct the problem. That is something I had not thought of, these old Gateways did come with small underpowered power supplies. Thanks.

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