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    Video Card For Eaglepoint LandCadd


    by schleng ·

    I had posted awhile ago for advice on purchasing a computer. I received great info and I was hoping I could now get some additional help.

    I use Eaglepoint LandCadd and Sketchup. I use LandCadd all the time, but Sketchup just sometimes.

    I purchased a computer. It was actually built for me. It has:
    Q9650 quad processor
    4MB memory
    GeForce 9800 GTX+ video card

    This was not the video card recommended here, but I chose to go with a less expensive one than the FX1700.


    My problem is that LandCadd will only work decently with the acceleration turned as low as possible/off. When the acceleration is at any other setting, it works so slow that I can hardly use it.

    With acceleration turned up, everything else works great, including Sketchup. With acceleration off, things suffer. I can hardly use Sketchup and another program, plus I think things are not as quick.

    This means I have to go back and forth adjusting the acceleration!

    Nvidia had me install a new dirver and there is no difference. Now they want me to try an older one, which I have not done yet (I don’t know if I should bother).

    Eaglepoint said that their software supports open GL (but so does Sketchup!), and that they have had problems with this video card, but sometimes new drivers help.

    So now I am faced with either adjusting the acceleration all the time (which is not really a solution for a new computer) or changing the graphics card. Eaglepoint states that the ATI cards work well. I did not choose this to start, because I did not know this, my old Nvidia card was fine, and Sketchup recommends Nvidia.

    Any help would be appreciated…any ideas or video card recommendations.

    Thank so much.

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      by schleng ·

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      The Boss

      by shasca ·

      In reply to Video Card For Eaglepoint LandCadd

      Unfortunately when the vendor says you need to follow their guidelines for them to support their product your kinda stuck. Hard to beleive their product is so hardware specific. pour design in my opinion.

      Do they have any kind of system requirements listed either with the product, or on their website? That would have given you a “heads up”?
      You have nothing to lose if you do as NVidia says, and try another different of their drivers.As quote by vendor.
      “they have had problems with this video card, but sometimes new drivers help”.

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      This is to do with the Graphics Engine in use

      by oh smeg ·

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      With the newer Graphics Cards they are built more for Gamers and work excellently in 3 D Mode but sometimes act like a Dog under 2 D Mode. Guess what you are using with the CAD App? 😉

      I personally use ATI Video Cards Predominately but then again I’m not a Gamer I have just found them better for Business Applications but even that is [b]Generally Speaking[/b] and not meant to cover every Model. But even with some of those Cards the 2 D rendering isn’t great.

      Well as NVidia has suggested older Drivers I would tend to believe that these may actually improve the situation here as the newer Drivers seem to be optimized with 3D performance at the expense of 2D so maybe something older will help here.

      You also have to look at the maker of the Video Card here as different makers utilize different aspects of the Video Chip Sets so if a company is making game Video Cards they will use the best aspects of the current Games rendering and may not incorporate the best aspects of the older display types. I have had instances where the same chip set used by different makers perform differently so I would exhaust the available Drivers first before thinking about swapping the Card out.

      However I’m not sure that there is a solution here I know one extreme gamer who changes their Video Card depending on the game that they want to play. They are using a new NVidia for any 3D games and when they want to play one of the older 2D games they shut down pull the NVidia Card and plug in a older ATI Card then run with that till they want to use one of the 3D apps again.


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        Tried Other Driver

        by schleng ·

        In reply to This is to do with the Graphics Engine in use

        I tried the other driver and there’s no difference. And this is all the software company says for system requirements:

        800 X 600 VGA video display (1024 X 768 recommended)

        I’ve been using this software for years. I called the Rep and am waiting for a reply…I asked for a card recommendation.


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          Unfortunately this sounds like a Graphics Rendering Issue

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Tried Other Driver

          The new cards are optimized for the current 3 D Games which are very Video Intensive where as CAD programs use a 2D Graphic Engine so it is very possible that there is [b]No Easy Solution[/b] here.

          As I mentioned above I know a person who changes Video cards to play different types of games so just turning off or on the Acceleration seems to be easier to me. Have you thought about placing a Short Cut on the Desktop to do this? It would be faster and easier. 😉

          But if you get a Video Card that works with the CAD App you may very well find that performance suffers elsewhere on other applications. Unfortunately this is one of the problems with using Specialized Software on a general Purpose Computer to do everything you require.

          Lets know how you get on.


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          Other Applications

          by schleng ·

          In reply to Unfortunately this sounds like a Graphics Rendering Issue

          Thanks a lot.

          The desktop shortcut is a good idea if that is the route I wind up taking.

          Since the 2D is my primary work, what types of other applications do you think would suffer? I use the Sketchup 3D program only sometimes, but I do use photo editing programs a lot and play online chess…no gaming.

          One of the tech suggested that they use ATI cards there.

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