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    Video card issues with Windows 10

    by techrepub848 ·

    Hello all 🙂

    My system is old:

    ASUS M2N-SLI (which i love!)

    AMD Phenom II X4 B95

    (2) Nvidia Geforce 210’s in separate PCIe slots, each with 1024 Mb of ram, not in SLI mode

    I have been running this setup with no problems at all for literally years under Windows 7. I’m not a gamer – I am a derivatives trader running 4 monitors, using both the VGA and DVI outputs of each video card.

    I am being forced to move to Windows 10 due to trading software updates, and despite there being official Nvidia Windows 10 drivers for the Geforce 210:( – Geforce 342.1), and being able to install and run Windows 10 with one card, I cannot even get Win 10 to install properly when both cards are in the machine, let alone actually run. I’ve tried having each, and both, cards in the machine while doing the upgrade to Win 10, but the output is all crazy with 2 cards, such as mouse trails when I move the mouse, (like an etch a sketch) all sorts of weird looking artifacts, on the screen, etc. Clearly there is a hardware conflict going on with 2 cards installed, right?

    Does anyone have good knowledge about this? Are the 210’s really not ready for prime time Win 10? Are they too old? I really don’t need much in the way of graphics. Any older card I can buy used or refurbished on Ebay or whatever that would work with Win 10 in dual card mode is fine. I don’t care about brand at all. 1G minimum would be a good idea, but besides that… can anyone help me either solve this with my 210’s, or recommend some cheap cards which will definitely work? Even switching to VGA mode for the install, using Microsoft drivers, does not work when both are installed. In fact, sometimes the install won’t even complete when both are installed. I’ve tried over and over and keep getting the same result. i probably need different graphics cards, right?

    Thanks so much.

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      Reply To: Video card issues with Windows 10

      by Matthewhoward ·

      In reply to Video card issues with Windows 10

      you should go service Centre , it will be better for you !

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      My opinion…..

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Video card issues with Windows 10

      Probably cheaper and easier to replace than to try to fix. That graphics card was initially introduced in 2009. I seriously doubt the manufacturer supports that card any longer and potentially the drivers are out of date. I would suggest looking for new graphics card(s) that will support your monitor setup. I won’t discourage you from going to a service center, but just offering my $.02 worth.

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