Video Card, mamy ybe?

By kleinschds31 ·
So heres the deal, I recently added another hard drive and added two card with 512 of ram. every thing seemed to work out fine when i rebooted my system until I ran itunes. All of my music skips, stutters, and is garbled. this problem isn't exclusive to itunes, there is similar problems in winamp, and windows media. i have found that the reason may be do to maxed out cpu usage. playing audio files spikes usage to 100%, opening websites also causes problems but it is not quite as obvious as the garbled audio. in addition my company seems to be louder than usual, maybe a fan? I have been reading many forums and google searches and my only guess is that it may be my video card is going out or something. Is there a way that i can check this? Any other suggestions? I fear the worst as my computers is a dimention 2400 and my video card is integrated with the moother board(im pretty sure anyway)

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