Video Card, maybe?

By kleinschds31 ·
So heres the deal, I recently added another hard drive and added two card with 512 of ram. every thing seemed to work out fine when i rebooted my system until I ran itunes. All of my music skips, stutters, and is garbled. this problem isn't exclusive to itunes, there is similar problems in winamp, and windows media. i have found that the reason may be do to maxed out cpu usage. playing audio files spikes usage to 100%, opening websites also causes problems but it is not quite as obvious as the garbled audio. in addition my company seems to be louder than usual, maybe a fan? I have been reading many forums and google searches and my only guess is that it may be my video card is going out or something. Is there a way that i can check this? Any other suggestions? I fear the worst as my computers is a dimention 2400 and my video card is integrated with the moother board(im pretty sure anyway)

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Check the heat inside the case!

by IT cowgirl In reply to Video Card, maybe?

Because of the extra drive you just installed, the machine may be experiencing too much heat for the system to handle. I have an older system and added a 160GD HDD and a DVD drive, so I had 4 IDE drives filling up the cage. There was little space between the HDDs and the floppy drive (yes) and same between the CDRW and DVW drives.

I finally installed a freeware program to look at my CPU because everything was acting really weird! And the CPU was overheating and the HDDs were overheating and the optical drives were overheating.

So installed a new DVD burner I got for xmas and pulled out both the other optical drives. Then pulled out the secondary HDD and made it into an external drive (it is only for backup anyway). Then no more problems. However, my power supply is suffering from the abuse and age, so I may be building a new machine in the future.

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