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    Video card not producing a display


    by zemn612 ·

    I’m having an odd problem. My video card (PNY Geforce 7600 GS PCIe)is not waking up my monitor. Now, for six months, it was working fine with no problems. But then just last week, when I booted up the computer there was no display. However, the computer did boot up just fine, as I heard windows open through my speakers.

    I powered off the computer, removed the video card and tried again. No display. I then powered off again and plugged the monitor into the onboard video. That worked no problem. So I thought my video card died. So I planned to buy one within the next few days.

    But, the following day I powered up my comp, and there was no display with the onboard video. I power down and try the video card again. Nothing. So I remove the video card and try the onboard. Now it’s working again.

    A few days go by. I decide to see if the video card really is dead. So I put it back in my comp to see if the fan is still running. Fan works, so I plug the monitor into it and I get a display! I let it run all day, and there’s no problem, no graphic glitches or anything. Runs smooth. So I power down, let the comp sit for a few minutes and power back up. No display 🙁

    So, back to the onboard. It works. Try the video card again. Nothing. So I take it out yet again and try it the following day. Guess what? It worked again. Let it run all day without a problem. Until I powered down the comp. Once restarted, no display from the video card.

    I’m guessing it’s either the power supply or the motherboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated for I am extremely frustrated! 🙂

    Here is my computer info :

    Gateway GT5034 Media Center Computer
    Windows XP
    2gb ram
    PNY Geforce 7600 GS PCIe
    Field Value
    Motherboard Name Foxconn C51GU01 Series
    300w power supply

    Thanks again!

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      by zemn612 ·

      In reply to Video card not producing a display


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      I think it is the video card

      by tommy.daw ·

      In reply to Video card not producing a display

      I just bough on myself. I had a 128 PCIe card in my machine, Daul Core 3.8 AMD, 2GB RAM, and thought it would increase my gaming performance if I increased my video card. I get the same vertical lines and have to hard reboot my PC.

      Can anyone help with this?


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      Ditto Here

      by knarf32 ·

      In reply to Video card not producing a display

      I have the same type of system, but mine was still under warranty when the issue started. Gateway replaced the motherboard and it worked fine for a few months. I installed a new video card (X1300 512mb) to assist with gaming and it was running sweet, until about 3 weeks ago, and yes you guessed it – its out of warranty now. So, there was no video on either the new card or built in. I rebuilt the system without the X1300 card and found an issue with the RAM. I can only run with 2 sticks of 512mb. If I run more, the system shuts down and sometimes reboots itself. So, I guess my suggestion is to run a diagnostic on the RAM and motherboard if possible, and double check your power usage. If I find a solution I will let you know. — Good luck.

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      same thing

      by catalinitco ·

      In reply to Video card not producing a display

      hello… i seem to have the same problem as you. i have an Intel Pentium Dual Core @ 2.8G with 1G DDR II RAM and a pci-ex ATI X300 video card (128mb), all on a gigabyte ga 8i945p-g MB.

      the same here… it worked just fine until 2 weeks ago when at startup nothing was displayed. sistem was working… To make sure everything was working i’ve moved my hdd, video card and memory on another computer. what do you know?!! WORKS JUST FINE!

      when i start my computer and the screen is black, bios is makeng some sound beeps. so i went om the net and searched the meaning of the beeps. it said there that for my beep patern it’s something with the video card. i wrote this because u said about checking PW supply and MB and all of that. not necesary. just hear the patern of the beeps (depend on the producer of the bios – AMI, PHOENIX, AWARD etc.)and go here -

      when i asked someone about this problem at a PC repair center he wasn’t verry nice to me and started laughing. “Don’t u know that Intel cpu’s don’t match with ATI video cards??!!” i am not a noob in computers… but i can’t see the relevance of that sentence in my problem. so i ask you: are you aware of such a problem? should i buy an Nvidia video card just because i have INTEL?

      so in the end i give you (it’s what i’m using) a kind of problem solver – if u have this problem again START UR PC, PRESS RESTART 3 TIMES, THEN POWER BUTTON PRESSED FOR 5-8 SECONDS UNTIL SHUTDOWN AND POWER BUTTON AGAIN FOR START! it sound like “HUUUUHHH?!!?” BUT it works at a ratio of 3 to 7 startups! momentaraly i’m using it! 😀
      i note that this isn’t THE problem solver!! and can damage ur sistem! if anyone finds THE solution please poste! 🙁 i’ll do the same.

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      possible solutions

      by catalinitco ·

      In reply to Video card not producing a display

      hi again! i might of found a solution for this problem! i tested it after i posted a reply yesterday.

      there might be some incorect settings in bios. there are some options for ‘top performance’ of the pc that can be adjusted from bios. the problem is that if they are all set to high they might do a conflict of some sort between the chipsets. so the ideeea is that next time u have this problem RESET THE CMOS! you can do this by changing the position of the jumper form the MB or if you can’t find it just take out the bios battery wait a few minutes (2-3) and then put it back and power your computer.

      after this check in bios and see that all the setings are DEFAULT or depending on what they do, on LOW mode.

      if you don’t experience any more problems you should let them this way. but if you want to change them i advise to do this step by step. like change an option, save, reboot, if there’s no problem go in bios and repeat on another option. you might consider on making notes of the changes made so that in case of doing somethig wrong and the problem reappeares, reset the bios again and make changes until you get to the one that was wrong.

      if this doesn’t do the job try the blind method (i found it on the net). this is a little complicated, because you have to enter in safe mode without seeing anything. but here goes nothing 😀 :

      – when you start your computer dependig on some “things” (loading processes)count 10 sec.(or 20 sec. it depends – you must find the right one), then count 5 more sec. till u get to 15 sec.(or 25) while pressing the F8 KEY. after u do this, normaly you get to a point where you have to select a method of loadig windows. the default selection is normal startup. press the up key 4 times to go to safe mode. press enter and i should be in safe mode with ur dsplay working. then select restart from ‘START’ in windows and loggin normaly also with display working. for some reason my computer after counting 25 seconds and pressing the F8 key shows more options (10 exactly) for how to load windows. so if u didn’t see this screen before and don’t know how many options you have, i advise to press the up key 9 times then press enter.

      i didn’t use this method yet but i counted the seconds and the up key strokes
      just to have them in case the CMOS reset method wouldn’t work. for me it worked.

      if you have other solutions please post them. thank you.

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      Solution to problem

      by insanity443 ·

      In reply to Video card not producing a display

      I’ve had this happen to me, the same exact problem. It was a motherboard going bad issue. I’ve got the same type of motherboard,but gateway modle 5032

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        Same problem here

        by gchuang ·

        In reply to Solution to problem

        Gateway tech claimed that I have a bad mobo. Is this really true? Did resetting the CMOS really worked for you guys?

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          Here is your solution

          by floydperfumes ·

          In reply to Same problem here

          THe problem isnt with your mobo or your video card. ITs the PSU. I noticed someone had a 300w PSU. The fact is PSU have different voltage rails delivering varying amoutns of currnet.

          +3v, +5v, + 12v and a few more. Peripherals like video cards, HDD, other drives.. all depend on the +12v powersupply. A 300w PSU would allow a max of maybe 10-14 Amp to flow through it, while a card like the 7600 would require atleast 18A to function best. Initially, it might work fine, but overtime underpowering can cause the +12v rail to weaken or the video card to undergo BRAIN DAMAGE. Try a 400w PSU with a dual rail +12v. But again depends on how many devices are attached to the comp.

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      I have the exact same Headache… Need 2 Know

      by mojoramirez ·

      In reply to Video card not producing a display

      Did you ever find a solution to the problem? I only read your post, but no replies. I’m dealing with the exact same issue.

      Gateway GM5045E
      NVidia PCI express Geforce 6100
      Foxconn C51GU01
      1GB PC3200 DDR
      AMX Athlon X2 3800+ 2.2gb, 2ghz

      It’s the exact same symptoms you described.

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        same thing same model

        by kavicron ·

        In reply to I have the exact same Headache… Need 2 Know

        I have the same gateway model..the on board g card went bad and tried to install 2 dif cards in the pcie slot (enabled in the bios)…no display what to do next??

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      Same symptom

      by seferbo ·

      In reply to Video card not producing a display

      Hi, I built a completely different rig about 4-5 years ago. Put a new video card in around 2 years ago.

      I encountered the exact same problem you described. Randomly one day i was getting no display. Took out my video card, plugged it back in and viola, worked fine. The problem happened again and simply removing and putting back the card didn’t work. My on-board still worked fine, and I scowered the web desperately for solutions.
      Having found no exact way to fix it I took some suggestions and tried them out. Took out my ram, put it in a different order, plugged my card into a different power-supply strand, and pushed (maybe to hard) on my video card to make sure it was in good.

      Well that ended up fixing my problem for a whole year, till now : (

      Nothing I do seems to work. I know my video card is getting power (and i have a relatively good PSU so its not underpowered), and my computer detects it when i check (of course im using the on-board connection so i can see crap). So what it comes down to is its either the video card or the motherboard. My money is on the mobo since I get no display right off the bat.

      Obvi try out the card on another comp if you can. If not definitely check your display settings in your BIOS, Ive heard that can be the issue sometimes. Other than that just trying f-ing with random stuff, mainly plugging stuff in and outa your mobo. Its sad but before I got the best results from that.

      One thing i did notice is looking at the metal strips, or teeth, or whatever they are called on the connection/insertion part of the video card I noticed that two of them seem to have lost half of the metal. As in they are half the length of the rest. Im not sure but maybe that could be part of the issue, does yours have any thing going on there?

      Well best of luck, let me know if you find a solution! and sorry I couldnt be more help, just thought id give you my account of this problem

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      Same issue

      by phoenix512 ·

      In reply to Video card not producing a display

      I have an ATI Radeon HD 4870 that worked fine for a year, now it does not wake up the display. The fans still work, but no picture on my monitor.

      if it is the Graphics card, is it worth fixing, or should I acquire a new one?

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