Video Card Problem

By GSutherland ·
I ahve a Dell Inspiron 9300 with a geforce go video card. Just randomly while in the middle of playing WoW, the screen freezes up and I have to do a force restart. When it started up the lettering was all chopped up and letters were missing, and there was a bunch of colors shooting across the screen its little squares,then when it got to the logon screen, it screen went black and steyed black. So I forced booted again, and starting in safe mode, when I tried taking a print screen, of course it didn't catch that part of the screen. So I ran my virus scanner (Kasperkey) and it found a couple trojan virus', but nothing pertaining to my video card. I also check the even viewer to see if anything was there about the force boot, and nothing their wither. After checking the virus' I rebotted normally, and same thing happened, still the colors across the screen, and it going black at the log on screen. So then I forced booted again and ran in safe mode. So this time I disabled the geforce card and rebooted and this time it when threw the logon screen and I could log on, but i'm still getting the jumbled and missing letters, and the colors across my screen. I'm guessing its a problem with my video card, but when I uninstalled and reinstalled, and tried finding updated drivers, none of it worked. I'm lost on what to do now. Dont really feel like reformatting, only becuase I dont want to reinstall WoW and go threw all teh patching and disk 1 disk 2 disk 3 type of thing. Someone help.

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you have a couple of trojans but....

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Video Card Problem

Let me just say that I can't work on any machine that has been bugged by a trojan.

I'd like to suggest that you do your due diligence and start fresh.

oh yea... and don't update your driver from the original one that works. The newest Forceware has screwed up enough of my laptops by rouge users who think that the latest update will make their machines better.

Keep it simple with the "go" version of the nvidia cards.

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by GSutherland In reply to you have a couple of troj ...

So you think that becuase of the Trojans I wont be able to recover from this except by reformatting? There's no way around this?

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The last gasp is this:

by JamesRL In reply to Trojans

1) Turn OFF system recovery
2) Boot into safe mode without network
3) Run your antivirus/anti spyware to eliminate the trojan
4) UNinstall the video driver.
5) reboot into safe mode with network and download the video driver. Install it.
6) Reboot into normal, test, turn system recovery back on.


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that's not what i'm trying to communicate

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Trojans

the most important things about computing is your data and your privacy. what i'm saying is that I wouldn't ever be caught dead using a machine that wasn't secure and if you've downloaded trojans before that i'd never trust your machine again.

my advise to you is the same that i give everybody. start over.

the second part of my message was that you shouldn't use the upgraded driver for that machine.

if you don't like my advise because you haven't backed up your data or because you are using someone elses copy of software that isn't registered to you or because you're a true noob then you ought to do whatever you want. what was your ip address again? ]:->

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I understood

by GSutherland In reply to that's not what i'm tryin ...

I understood what you were saying, I just thought you might also have any OTHER type of alternative. But it seems like I'm going to have to result in reformatting. I just dont like the time it takes to reformat. Oh, and ouch, man I havn't been called noob in a long time. Guess I am a noob. =P

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just re-read your post.

by TheVirtualOne In reply to I understood

what kind of peripherals do you use? mouse, keyboard. are they logitech by chance?

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Nothing but

by GSutherland In reply to just re-read your post.

a microsoft optical mouse. I left my laptop off overnight, and when I turned it on the blue squares went away for a good 15mins then it started slowing re-appearing. Does that mean anything? I havn't reformatted it. Wanted to wait a couple more days to see if I can find out the problem.

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just for kicks

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Nothing but

just for kicks, stop using the mouse. just for a couple of days. see what happens while you try to figure this out.

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Same problem

by bkprashanth2005 In reply to Video Card Problem

I too have got the same problem. Exact match. Please let me know, if you get a solution.

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Was the situation ever resolved?

by vsviper1 In reply to Video Card Problem

The same problem is happening to me and I also have a 9300 with a 6800go! The computer seems to run fine in safe mode. Did reformatting help? Was it the trojans or the videocard? Thanks!!!

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