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By freddyL ·
AGP Video Card problem.
I have a question. I just purchased a ATI radeon 9550 AGP video card 256DDR. The problem is when I try to play GTA or Halo, the video is terrible. I mean by that: missing graphics on the screen (i.e. there should be people or cars and nothing is on the screen, dragging of graphics across the screen, freezing of screen.
I have a Pentium III 833mhz. Win 2K as operating system. 392mb ram and 80gig harddrive.

Any suggestions?

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by TomSal In reply to VIDEO CARD PROBLem

The simple stuff first....

Warning some of this will sound stupid, but in the effort of completeness (and the fact I don't know your level of expertise) please just bear with me...

1) Do you have the latest video drivers installed? What about the latest version of DirectX (9c) ?

2) I only have Halo for Xbox so I don't know the PC requirements, and I haven't played GTA in ages...are you sure your PC meets the requirements for the games? If you are trying to play with all eye candy turned on and maximum resolution but you only meet minimum specs that could be a problem. Take some of the eye candy features off or lessen the resolution by one notch and then try the game.

3) Are the games patched to the most recent version? Check the websites for each game and look at the patches that are out for them, make sure you have the latest version installed.

4) If you are trying the game in a 32-bit resolution, switch it to 16-bit and try that.

Most likely I think its a driver/patch issue or you have everything cranked to maximum and your card doesn't support or your machine is struggling to much to support it.

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by TheChas In reply to VIDEO CARD PROBLem

First off, IMHO, you need more system RAM before you do anything else.
With a 256MB video card, you need a minimum of 512MB of system RAM.

Next, enter BIOS setup and check the size of the AGP aperture. Bare minimum is 256MB for this card.
Ideally, you would set the AGP aperture to 512MB or more, but not more than 1/2 of system RAM.

Did you install DirectX 9c before installing the ATI driver?

Check for a new chip-set driver for the motherboard, and download the latest driver from ATI.

It would not hurt to check for a BIOS update for the motherboard.
Often, a BIOS is updated to take care of compatibility issues with video cards.

Thinking about this further, does your motherboard properly support this video card?
I suspect that at best, your AGP port is a 2X.
If this is a 4X or 8X card, it is surprising that it even works at all.

Finally, you may just have too much video card for your motherboard.
There have been several postings of people having problems with the newest ATI cards in older systems.


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by Jaqui In reply to VIDEO CARD PROBLem

I have heard that win2k doesn't play nice with games.
it may be as simple as switching to xp

if the hardware based fixes don't resolve the issue, then that may be what it is.

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