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Video Card Problem

By animechibi007 ·
I just bought a Nvidia MX400 64MB video card and i put the card in my computer. When i then turn it on, the tower is running but no video is showing. So hen i took out the card and i ran normally. So my problem is im not able to put the video card in without it havuing no video showing up on the monitor. Can somebody be kind enough to help me out? Thanks


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by TheChas In reply to Video Card Problem

What are the specifications of your PC?
Does it support a 2X or 4X AGP card?

If your motherboard only supports 1X AGP mode, you are limited as to what video cards you can install.

I have seen a few motherboards that in order to switch to 2X AGP mode, the card has to support 1X AGP mode. After you boot up in 1X mode, the option is available in BIOS setup to enable 2X mode.

If this is a PCI card that you are installing in a system that has on-board video, you need to check the documentation for the system on how to disable the on-board video.


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by TechieRob In reply to Video Card Problem

That particular card is AGP 4x by memory. Older motherboards may only have AGP 2x. It doesnt mean that the mobo will not support this card, it will just not run as well as it could. For example I have a system at home which runs a Nvida Geforce 4 TI 4600 se, which is rated at AGP 8x on an AGP 4x board. It still runs fine though :)
Chas is on the ball though, it seems that your problem lies in an onboard graphics card; and the answer there lies in a bit of BIOS tweaking, usually under "intergrated perhipherals" (sp?)
In some rare cases onboard graphics can be disabled via a jumper setting, but I doubt this will be the case here. COnsult your mobo manual :)

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by Boli In reply to Video Card Problem

make sure you have the AGP graphics as the selected video device in use! thts the most obvious answer! everyone else has stated more technical answers!

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by Boli In reply to

or the PCI selected as video device in use depending on which one you have!

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