Video Card Problems

By FordTrucker97 ·
I have a sony vaio. When the laptop is cold and has just been turned on everything looks normal. After about five minutes the screen starts to mess up created red and blue horizontal lines where the screen is changing such as if i expand something then minimize it.
So far i have deleted and created a new partition and am running xp pro. i have updated bios, video, and mobo chipset drivers. Also when i connect to external monitor it displays the same. if it is hot, on restart before the os has loaded there is also the same problem. i've got 512 ram and Pentium M 1600mhz. i'm pretty sure it's a mobo problem since the vid card is intergrated. i can send screen shots if that helps. (you can see the problem in the screen shot)

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re: video problems

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Video Card Problems

It is obviously heat related. Could be the video on the MB, could be anything else though.

Make sure the laptop is well ventilated, even proping it up off of a hard surface to allow circulation. If that doesn't work, you'll need to either get inside yourself to check fans and dust accumulation, or take it to a repair shop that can do it for you. But, if it's still under waranty, you'll want to request waranty service before you touch it.

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I took the

by FordTrucker97 In reply to re: video problems

I took the whole thing apart and cleaned everything, there is one fan that is connected to the heat sink and it doesnt turn on. i think it is supposed to come on at a certain temp but it has to get real hot for that. i used speedfan and i got two temps, the HDD is about 85-90 F and there is another temp running at 127 F but i dont know what that is. not under warrenty. do you need a screenshot for more help?

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Video Card Problems

Stick in a Bootable CD/DVD and run the NB directly off that and see what happens. If the Video still mess's up you have a hardware issue which is most likely the M'Board but it it works properly you have a software issue and need to do a clean install of the OS after backing up all your data.

You can get a copy of a live Linux here which runs directly off the Optical Disc and doesn't affect the already installed OS.


Of course if the unit is still Under Guarantee you will need to RMA it back to the authorised Sony Repairers who will re image the machine and then set about repairing it if the re image doesn't cure the problem. If you need to do this make sure that you backup everything before sending it away.


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Got to be hardware

by FordTrucker97 In reply to KEEP IT SIMPLE

i booted from OS disc and installed fresh copy of OS still there was a prob. no warrenty

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That is no test! It only confuses the issue unless the drive is wiped

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Got to be hardware

As the problem with the software lives on but the user thinks that the Software has been passed as Working OK.

Unfortunately it isn't and if a Software Issue has been introduced it will continue on just like all your data that is still on the HDD that you have access to.

Actually Reloading the Software again also is no guarantee that you don't have a software issue as I've seen numerous Windows Patches break drivers for hardware and make the owners think that the Hardware has failed when it's just a Software issue. Of course if you where using a real OS this wouldn't be an issue but unfortunately M$ users get easily confused and think that they have paid for a Professional Product when they have only purchased a Second Rate Cheaply Constructed Piece of Software who's makers are more interested in Pushing out Garbage than Writing Great Software.

No it's nothing against M$ just a fact of life as M$ break things and constantly introduce Standards which they chose to ignore at times when it's convenient for them to do so.

Start with a Live Linux as that is the only thing that you can use without doing any damage to the existing OS to see where you need to start looking. If you don't like the idea take it to a Professional to fix as they will do exactly the same thing and save themselves hours of messing around for no result and it's cheaper for you as well.


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by FordTrucker97 In reply to That is no test! It only ...

well i did load a different os than the original. however the reason i think it is hardware is because in bios and before the os loads the problem exists

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Yep It's hardware then.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ok

But you should tell us things like that.


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by FordTrucker97 In reply to Yep It's hardware then.

Thanks thats what i thought.. by the way i thought i had in my original post but my fault..

Thanks for the help

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