Video Card problems

By johnmsams ·
I've been having some trouble with my video card in my computer. I recently took my computer apart to clean some dust out. After putting everything back in order, my monitor remains in sleep mode (orange light stays lit, instead of yellow)and it will not change. Also my mouse and keyboard will not turn on either.

Last year the same thing happened with the monitor staying in sleep mode, and I changed the video card and everything began working again. So I figured it was just a faulty video card.

But this time when it happened again, I took the original video card out and tried it in another computer and it works fine in that other computer. Which leads me to believe that its not faulty. So I then took a different newer video card and tried it in my computer and still nothing will work.
I've tried changing monitors and still the newer monitor will not come out of sleep mode and my mouse and keyboard will not light up.

-- I am getting some beep codes. It sounds like 1 beep followed by 2 soft beeps. All three are much fainter in sound now than before when things were working correctly.

-It is an AGP video card. I do not have an onboard video connection and only 1 memory DIMM

Here is some more strange info:
-As soon as I plug the monitor into the video card slot, the monitor goes into sleep. As soon as I unplug it, the monitor runs normally, but it is now not connected to the computer.

-Whenever I flick the on/off switch on the back of the computer to turn it on, the keyboard flashes once. But the mouse does nothing.

-The rest of the computer runs fine. All fans are working and the cd-rom ejects etc.

-There is also a tiny fan on the video card device. When the computer is turned on that fan is not running. Thus, I'm lead to believe that perhaps the video card is not seated right? I've tried removing it and seating it again many times, but nothing changes.

Has anyone ever experienced a similar problem? I'd like to try and fix this problem myself, before taking it to someone else.

Any suggestions?

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did you wait for the comp to cool down?

by CG IT In reply to Video Card problems

if you turned off the computer and didn't wait for it to cool down, then used the can of air [which is very cold] to **** dust out, you might have damaged the mainboard or memory module due to the sudden change in temperature from hot/warm to very cold.

as an after thought, you might have blown a dust bunnie into the AGP slot thereby blocking some of the contacts in the slot. I doubt that but...

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Motherboard problems

by mjd420nova In reply to Video Card problems

If the power supply appears okay but no power to the video card but the card is okay in another computer, then the power supply traces on the mother board have been vaporized or broken. Possibly some dirt on the connector or even a fractured plastic support around the AGP connections, causing a loose connection. Did you unmount the motherboard?? Maybe you forgot or missed an insulated washer on the underside of the board?? This would short out the P/S in that area.

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by johnmsams In reply to Video Card problems

I just reseated video card, memory, and removed all PCI devices, and the monitorl will still not come out of sleep mode.

Is it possible to get it down any further into minimum configuration?

I should also note that when dusting out the PC. I removed the Fan and heatsink on the baseboard, and the CPU chip came off the bottom of the heatsink. So I checked the CPU for any bent pins and then reinstalled it into place. Would me removing the CPu cause any of this? I have my doubts because the fans and cd-rom would not function if my CPU was installed wrong or faulty.

I hope it is not my motherboard or CPU.

Could it be my powersupply?

Okay, I've found a few good deals on a new motherboard and powersupply at www.tigerdirect.ca for about $100cdn.

-Having never taken a motherboard or power supply off, is this going to be a hard job? All I hope for is that my hard drive is not affected. Will I have to install new drivers etc, when putting in a new motherboard and powersupply?

-This is certainly a learning experience that I hope isn't too complicated. So long as I don't lose my hard drive I will be happy.

My old motherboard is listed on my invoice as a:
P4 S478 GIGA GA8S655FX-L 1A5P4DDR 655FX
Is it possible to ever find an exact replacement?

-Any extra advice?

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Any more ideas?

by johnmsams In reply to update

Does anyone have any more suggestions? Thanks!

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