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Video card question

By D.H. Cesare ·
WinXP Pro SP2, 1024MB RAM, 2.8mHz, Nvidia GeForce 6600 256MB video card, and I'm still having minior problems with very graphic intensive games. Should I add another Nvidia 6600 video card?

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You left out info on the hard drive

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Video card question

Your machine can be the fastest in the world in terms of CPU speed, but if your hard drive is filling up or is failing, them performance will be poor.

I think the problem is your hard disk, which may need to be cleaned up and/or defragmented instead of you needing a new video card.

Also, are you running the latest video driver for your card?

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HDD defrag etc.

by D.H. Cesare In reply to You left out info on the ...

The primary drive is a WD 160GB 7200rpm with 100GB free and I defrag about once a month.

I really think it's a overheat problem, even though I've added a 90mm fan, which makes a total of 5 fans in the box.

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Definitely not the HD then. Could be a cooling problem indeed

by Why Me Worry? In reply to HDD defrag etc.

Just as an experiment, try using another graphics card to see if the problem persists.

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New graphics card

by D.H. Cesare In reply to Definitely not the HD the ...

I have a new Nvidia 6600 ordered. I was going to hook the 2 together but I'm having trouble finding out where to get the SLi adapter. When I do put the new card in I will also add another 90mm fan.

This whole problem just started yesterday and there have been no changes to the computer, which is NOT online, so I'm more than a little confused.

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Try a new VGA cooler

by JamesRL In reply to HDD defrag etc.

I've had similar problems and my solution was a VGA cooler that drew in air from the case, pushed it over the GPU and memory, and pushed it out the back of the CPU, in the slot beside the video card.


A second video card (do you have SLI?) would only add more heat, unles you are talking about buying a new card to replace your existing one.


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